Happy New Year 2020

We wish everyone all the best in 2020. And, thank you to all who read and follow this blog. You are appreciated. Al

Buying a Home Can Be Scary

Buying a Home Can Be Scary Until You Know the Facts, the Costs and the Affordability Factor!

The truth is - people buy homes everyday! You can buy one too.

Over 70% of buyers put down LESS than 20% (really). Almost 80% of applications were APPROVED (we suggest advance approval BEFORE home shopping). Gets the FACTS in today's report.

And, while the AVERAGE credit scores recently were in the low 700's, keep in mind, that is the average - meaning many scores were much lower. And, keep in mind, the only way to GET APPROVED is to APPLY!

So many focus on the "price" of a home. Did you know the price is not the true cost of the home?

To better understand that, I am going to point you directly to today's article and the chart on purchasing power. We also have more on our page dedicated to purchasing power and it is worth a look!

Many times I am asked about AFFORDABILITY. The question is, can you afford not to?

Did you know that because of high rents, owning your own home might be cheaper! Yeah - read that again. Don't just believe in the myths surrounding homeownership - check it out.

You pay rent every month - right? If you don't you soon get thrown out. If you do, next month you get to do it again. And, next year - chances are it will be for a higher amount of rent.

BREAK THE CYCLE. If you WANT to own a home - then try for it. Plain and simple! Get pre-approved and start shopping. Want someone to take the journey with you? Call me and let's just do it.

One more reading assignment today. Check it out.

San Antonio Love

A short tour of San Antonio. Hope you like it.

Chicago - A Windy City

Made this video of the city I was born in. Thought I would share it with you.

A Means to an End

Your home is your investment - in yourself - in your future. Your home is a forced savings plan. Your landlord likes to give you rent receipts while you pay the landlords mortgage! Would you rather not pay your own mortgage? We have: https://www.sanantonio.homes

Do You Have Dreams

Do You Have Dreams - about having your own home? Perhaps it is time to act on it. You know the story - if you do not try..... We are here to help. Let's explore the options and get you pre-approved first. Then,time to shop! Place to shop: https://www.sanantonio.homes

A Christmas Tree Story

Well, let’s begin with age! This tree is either 61 years old or 66 years old. You read that right – you are looking at a Christmas tree that is over 60 years old!

Unfortunately, no clues to share on the history of this tree other than the box was original and disintegrating badly by the time I got it. It was so falling apart that the tree box went into another box just to hold everything together. The original box had a manufacturer's date that appeared to be 1953 – making the tree 66 years old – though recent research points more toward 1958. No matter, that is a long time for any Christmas tree to hang around and remain in mint condition.

The tree was manufactured in Wisconsin by the Evergleam Company. There is a great article about Evergleam written by Dave Hoekstra (1) and another by the Manitowoc County Historical Society (2). It goes back to a time when manufacturing in America was the norm and aluminum Christmas trees have a history of their own in that era – more can be found in Wikipedia (3). Aluminum trees were “the rage” for quite a while in homes across America and the American spirit of competitiveness kicked in creating a market for trees having under 100 branches to those with over 400 branches and everything in between depending on the height of the tree. There was an appliance - furniture retailer in Chicagoland known as Polk Brothers (now gone) and it’s leader, Sol Polk known for his marketing savvy who popularized aluminum trees and plastic Santa’s that were about 5 feet tall (4)– by making either available for $5 with a purchase!

Aluminum tree popularity continued and folks tried hard to make theirs “different”. The trees came with a warning not to use string lights that were so popular on “live” trees – and some folks were shocked to find out that was good advice!

The lighting of the day was typically a flood light. The flood light was either white, a static color or even more popular was a rotating wheel that caused the tree to change color in a slow continuous cycle. Today, I create that effect with a low energy led.

And then there was the pink aluminum Christmas tree – check an article by WUWM (5) from Milwaukee. You can buy aluminum trees today on eBay (6) and Esty (7).

Sorry, my tree is not for sale! None of the links below are monetized, so if you want to read more, all the links you need are below.

Hope y’all have a very Merry Christmas – only about a week to go!

(1) http://www.davehoekstra.com/2018/12/05/imy-first-evergleam-christmas-tree/

(2) https://www.manitowoccountyhistory.org/programs/aluminumtrees

(3) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aluminum_Christmas_tree

(4) https://www.google.com/search?q=polk+bros+christmas+tree&rlz=1C1GCEA_enUS869US869&sxsrf=ACYBGNRcIMzT57SAYgMRMZX3YI0eTvVtHg:1575783021616&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=rqNWKSmjh5lXsM%253A%252Ct3ESx6jkHIwQ3M%252C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kRuNERK3xmugQUIavustFysu5e6Cw&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj2_fuZqaXmAhVCcq0KHS2VDBMQ9QEwAnoECAoQDA#imgrc=_&vet=1

(5) https://www.wuwm.com/post/remember-aluminum-trees-wisconsin-made-evergleams-are-making-comeback#stream/0

(6) https://www.ebay.com/b/Aluminium-Christmas-Tree/33849/bn_55186952?rt=nc&_pgn=5

(7) https://www.etsy.com/market/evergleam

San Antonio Homes YouTube Channel

WOW! The report shows we had our best performance month since we did that hugely popular video for the nuns' fundraiser several years ago.

A great big THANK YOU to all who have viewed our videos and especially the new one for the Family of San Antonio Homes.

We really appreciate followers too, so if you have not yet visited our channel - and followed, please give us a look. Most videos are short and deliver a simple real estate message.

So You Are Thinking FSBO

The first thought may be - "Of course he is pitching against FSBO - he is a real estate agent".

And my answer is - "partially true, but it is because I know the stats, not because I am biased about this".

Read on. What I am sharing with you comes from the pros - and market experience.

It is a myth that selling by owner nets you more money!

And, the 6% would just about cover the cost of a professional - eliminating a lot of work, risks and liability for the selling owner!

The number one point to consider is that the FSBO buyer KNOWS you are saving the cost of a professional agent.

In their view, the seller can give it up "to sell". What you are trying to save, so is the buyer.

How good are you at negotiating?

How much time do you have to negotiate?

Do you want to negotiate with everyone on the list?

Pricing is usually viewed as the biggest concern.

My view on this is not the norm. If you are satisfied with the price, then fine.

My biggest concern for sellers is your personal safety and the risk of scams. We all know about the things that happen today. Bad things even happen to real estate agents. It is a fact of life.

This is why folks hire us.

I can't speak to every agent - each is an independent business person. Each of us pursues education to get licensed and continuing education to keep the license. Some agents pursue additional education over and above the requirements. I do.

The point is, it may look easy to buy and sell a house on your own, but if it were that easy - then why all the education requirements?

We just make it look easy :-)

C2EX Endorsement

It took a year to get this one done - and a lot of work. The C2EX is a part of the continuing journey to excellence. Awarded 11-23-2019. Just wanted to share this with you. Thanks for following our blog.

Thank You for Making Me Your Advisor

Real estate is not just about a commission earned from representing a buyer or a seller. It is about relationships with clients, other agents and folks involved in the process. It is about helping folks find the right home of their choice. It is about helping folks when years later they call and ask for help with home or real estate related advice. And it is a great feeling when clients simply call you when it has been more than 10 years since they purchased their home! So allow me the opportunity to say "thank you" to all of you!

Buyer's or Seller's Market?

The real answer is - all it all depends! In lower priced homes, there is not enough inventory and a seller's market. In upper end or higher priced homes, there is an excess inventory - more homes available than there are buyers for the homes - or a buyer's market. Right now, there is a dual market depending on the price of the home you are considering. Check out this short video and if we can help you sell your home and or buy a new home, reach out and let's talk about it. https://www.sanantonio.homes

Millennials Guide to Homeownership – Winter 2020

In the past two days we have shared the home buyer's guide and the home seller's guide. If you have not read or downloaded them yet, it is worth checking them out. Right now, we are sharing all of these guides as pdf files with no registration required!

Today, we are giving you a special guide written with millennials in mind. Download now and share with someone who can benefit from all the information in this free guide.

ENGLISH https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wphIJO3srFGQTIxfjosbNc6_z5M0qzh4/view?usp=sharing

SPANISH https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KEBrX8Mpr5QdcNSFQTBYcN0As25_PfcK/view?usp=sharing

Home Selling Guide - Winter 2020

Today we are sharing the newest edition of the Home Seller Guide - Winter 2020. If you missed yesterday's post, check it out for the Home Buyer Guide - Winter 2020.

Once again, this is available to you as a pdf for immediate download. Feel free to share with family and friends.

If you are looking to buy or sell - or both - we are available for a free consultation. Check out the homes and properties for sale at https://www.sanantonio.homes

ENGLISH https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ovnTEfouVRHnNlsiwYWcy-B9Qq-gfzln/view?usp=sharing

SPANISH https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Gsq7xVEwYGhymiyCPSORtqFAN8Y52VcF/view?usp=sharing

Home Buying Guide Winter 2020

They have arrived!

The new editions are out. Today I am sharing the home buyer guide and tomorrow look for the home seller guide. I am also making them available to you as a direct download pdf file - no registration required.

Download and share with family and friends!

ENGLISH https://drive.google.com/file/d/17LQbgHKmztsfxGSB1KMKIGyhkgPCJEH-/view?usp=sharing

SPANISH https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LlX3SB8PtC6I0NdQdPJ34Frc7rXGM0VZ/view?usp=sharing

San Antonio ONE -25k

Excited to share this and say "Thank You" to our viewers.

San Antonio ONE is an eclectic collection of eZines - 5 in this group and 30 in another. This small group has now been viewed over 25,000 times.

If you are not yet a follower, check it out - explore and see what we have to offer: www.SanAntonio.ONE

In passing

Sadly, today I learned of the passing of one of my very special clients. It was not terribly long ago we did our 3rd transaction together as the couple prepared for new beginnings in their retirement in South America. They gave me a heads up that they planned to sell their home once again and then suggested we all go out to dinner to discuss it. I still remember that day as they sprung their planned “big move” on me – I think totally enjoying the stunned look on my face. South America it was to be!

They say real estate is a people business – and it is. We are taught as professional successful agents (however that is measured) we must like helping people, place client’s needs above our own and enjoy building lasting relationships. That is actually the fun part of the business for me – helping and caring. The best relationships many times transcend generations and clients become extended family.

I have been fortunate to build some strong and everlasting friendships through real estate. This couple was one of them. They are very private people so nothing written here will identify them in any way. They were together over 3 decades – a couple so devoted to each other that they could easily be role models for married couples. As it turns out, she is the survivor and much earlier than ever planned. Timing was cut short. She made a good point today - we do not move on – we move forward. And in his memory, that we do. We all need to remember to live each day as though it is our last. We never know.

San Antonio ONE

Seems fitting that post 1001 is about San Antonio ONE - our collection of publications and curations. We now have 28 eZines with over 6000 posts and 5 eZines closing in on 25,000 views. Check us out - hopefully there is something you might find interesting. Thanks to our readers and followers.

Blog Post 1000

Yes folks, this is our 1000th post to this blog! Thank you to all who follow us by email or RSS feed. You are most appreciated. If you enjoy our posts and find the information useful, please share or invite family and friends to join.

I have spent the last couple of months trying to decide what would make a good post for #1000. There were a few options but there can be only one post. The others are not eliminated, they are just delayed as we wait for more information. We'll get them on board in the weeks or months ahead.

So, about today's post - it is to share our newest blog with you. This one is up and running about 3 weeks now. Welcome to San Antonio Homes Blog. Occasionally, we may share the same content, but for the most part it will be different. Future posts will evolve as we receive feedback on both.

Check it out and see what you think. And, don't forget to follow us.

Mission - Sitterle, Willis Ranch

As mentioned in yesterday's post, Builder Boost San Antonio asked us to go on a Mission to tell you more about a new home community. Today, I visited that community - Sitterle Homes at Willis Ranch. Peggy Kotara is their on site Sales Professional and she joins us in today's video tour. Willis Ranch is located in a great area off Borgfeld Rd near 281 just North of San Antonio and has much to offer - including lower property tax and great schools. Sitterle is one of San Antonio's best builders and has a great reputation and high customer satisfaction. I live a short distance from Willis Ranch and would be happy to make an appointment with you to meet Peggy and see these homes and what this community has to offer you. I would also be very happy to represent you should you decide to buy a home. New homes are a specialty (check out my credentials for new home construction). Contact me if I can help you.

On A Mission 10-31-19

I was chosen as a New Home Expert by Builder Boost San Antonio to tell you all more about new home communities.

This Thursday I am visiting.... Willis Ranch with Sitterle Homes.

What would you like to know about this community or builder?

Anybody want to meet me there around 10:30? REALTORS welcome too.

I'll post more after the visit. AND - if my video skills work out well, be sure to look for a video.

Want a New Home by the End of the Year?


Yes, if you act quickly you can still get in your new home by the end of the year. AND, if you are in your home before the new year, you can file for a homestead exemption exemption. How good is that! Reduce your taxes early on.

Seriously, if you want to get into your first home - or a new home - let's get together and get it done. In the mood to shop for a home in private 24/7 - check us out at SanAntonio.Homes. If you are not already pre-approved for a mortgage, reach out to me and let's get that done first. Call me AL 210-757-0211

Why Homeownership Matters

A means to an end! We are going to start in reverse - instead of talking about benefits in the early years, let's look at the benefits at retirement. No matter what your age right now, retirement is hopefully something you will get to one day!

So - What Matters? If you have been renting, you will have at best a stack of rent receipts. (I have shared this before... I remember one of my uncles coming into the family dining room with 2 huge stacks of rent receipts - 23 years of rent receipts). And, if you have rent receipts, next month you can look forward to another one.

Suppose you bought a home of your own. That is not unlike having a forced savings plan. At retirement you can look forward to having an investment - hopefully a paid up investment but either way - a tangible value that is yours. You can retire in place, downsize, relocate - whatever you want to do. Way better than rent receipts - and if it is paid off then no mortgage payment next month! Read about net worth.

There are a lifetime of benefits related to homeownership. Not the least of which is - the home is yours! You have way more freedom than a renter.

Benefits like privacy, fixed payments, pride of ownership, education, civic and even health - homeownership. Check it out.

Just to the left is a chart of benefits. Think about the rewards of homeownership. They are there for you.

Discard the belief that you need 20% down. If you have not yet applied or recently applied - forget what you heard about required credit scores. Check it out with a mortgage professional and get today's answer. If you do not already have a mortgage professional, you can apply on line or call me for other mortgage professionals that you can contact.

You won't know if you do not try. And, if there is a problem you will find out and see what has to be done to fix it. Check out the reasons to own your own home. Reach out to me and let's get it done.

The Mortgage Process

Today's mortgage process is streamlined. In most cases you can apply on line from anywhere you choose.

Here is a short summary on how to proceed. If you would like to explore our mortgage company, just visit our mortgage page on San Antonio Homes. If we can help you or refer you to another mortgage loan officer, call or send us a message. We are always glad to help.

62% of Buyers Are Wrong

Are you in that 62%? Hopefully not - but today's mission is to change the world and the perception on down payments.

If you know someone who is hesitating buying their first home please share this message. Very simply - you do NOT need 20% down to buy a home!

There are all kinds of opportunities out there and the best way to begin is call a licensed real estate agent who can explain the home buying process, introduce you to some mortgage professionals and get you in your new home. You even have time to get you into your home home before the end of this year!

OK - start by having a look at today's article "62% of Buyers Are Wrong" - and then reach out to me and let's get it done!

Kiva - Helping the World

Well, I just added 2 more countries today. This brings the number of countries to 27 - and a bunch more to go.

When I first got involved with Kiva - through an offer to join the PayPal team - it was never about "countries", it was about giving loans to "people". Somehow, for me anyway, it evolved into continuing to make loans to people and also to see how many people in different countries around the world I could help. Why not have a little fun while hopefully doing some good - right?

The current list of countries is posted here and you can see there is more work for me to do. As loans are paid back, I'll look for new folks in need of some help.

Meanwhile, I am inviting you to join Kiva in making some loans today. You can start with an incredibly small amount of only $25 and make the loan to the person or group of your choice. There are hundreds to choose from. I encourage you to at least have a look at the Kiva program and decide for yourself. Some big companies support it - I joined through PayPal and today, PepsiCo matched my loan amount allowing me to make two loans instead of just one! Hope to see that you joined too! Thank you, Al

Why Get Pre-Approved First

For one, knowing how much you are pre-approved for gives you a level of confidence in making an offer on a home in that you are qualified to make that offer. And, it gives the seller a higher level of confidence in that you should be able to actually close the deal.

Why shop and look at homes and risk disappointment if you find one you like and cannot get a sufficient mortgage to make the purchase? If you are pre-approved, you shop with confidence and when you find the right home - you can go for it. The video is short - the information is important - and the reasons for getting pre-qualified are right on the money.

And now, if you are ready to shop, this is a good place: https://www.sanantonio.homes/

Home Prices Over 5 Years

Crystal ball time?

Not. These are the views of the experts looking forward for the next five years and where they think home prices may be headed. So maybe bookmark this page and check it out every year - to see how accurate their predictions are. In the meantime maybe buy a house and ride the wave upward!

September Housing in a Minute

Pressed for time?

Take a look at the September numbers in just about one minute! When ready to buy or sell, call us at 210-757-0211. Shop first if you like - see homes and properties in San Antonio and the surrounding areas - free - and on your own schedule. No spam ever.   https://www.sanantonio.homes/

Home Prices Increase

When I saw the picture to the left for some reason it made me think of an old song by The 5th Dimension - Up Up and Away - and now that song is going to be in my head all day after writing and posting this. My apology if it happens to you too - but, it is a great song!

And homes are a great way to invest and enjoy the upward climb. So many more options than putting money in a bank or investing in metals or even the stock market. You cannot live in any of those - right? You can live in a home of your choice and you can paint it, remodel it, decorate it and enjoy it. Your home has endless possibilities. Oh yeah, and as prices climb - so goes the value of your investment.

Looks like investing in a home is working nicely in all price ranges. Check out today's article to see the percentages and how folks are increasing their wealth. Time to buy? Time to move up? Time to downsize, relocate, PCS, and more? Call me - AL.

Don't Do It

You found the right house and have submitted an offer and the offer was accepted - how exciting is that! Next, you follow through with your pre-approved mortgage and submit everything to get final approval and close on your new home in about a month or so.

Now life goes on and change happens. You accept a new job offer. OH NO! Maybe you are so excited, you buy a new car or truck - or maybe the one you have breaks down and instead of fixing it, you buy and finance a new one - glad to see the old one gone. OH NO! Still in that new home euphoria, you decide to start shopping - after all some retailers seem to offer 99 years interest free.... or realistically more like 4 or 5 years interest free, does not matter. You can finance it. OH NO!

There are more OH NO's and any one of them can cause your mortgage application process to collapse. The lenders look at certain things in qualifying and approving your mortgage loan. There are numbers and ratios that are considered. You throw that off with additional debt or the like and those numbers may disqualify you. OH NO!

Sometimes we read things and think it "does not apply to me" - this list of "Don't Do It" items does. Whether you are a future buyer - or an agent representing a future buyer, experience taught me it really can happen. It does happen. So be prepared and check out today's article for more things you should not do while in the process of buying a new home and applying for a mortgage.

And, maybe you can help family or someone in your circle of friends - share this article. This information is not just for my clients, it is for everyone considering buying a home. It really is that important.

Fall Buyer and Seller Guides Available

THEY HAVE ARRIVED! The Fall editions of the guides are ready for download now. The links are in the right column of this blog >>>

Both the Seller Guide and the Buyer Guide are available in English and Spanish. Download and share if you like. Send it to 1000 of your best friends. I'd like to see everyone get their chance at a home no matter who their agent is!

Don't Fall Into The Rent Trap

There are times when renting makes sense. There are times when renting is the only option. But, there are many more times where rent becomes a trap and it becomes difficult to break out from. If you would like to be a homeowner, I encourage you to give it a try. You may not need the down payment you think you do and you may even qualify for a special program. But you won't KNOW if you do not TRY. Check out out mortgage page - and call me, let's talk. AL https://www.sanantoniorealestate.blog/p/mortgages-and-credit.html

Sellers Now Is The Time To Buy

Have you been thinking about moving on up to a new home? Now is a great time to make the move - and lock in low interest rates for years to come. Not to mention, housing prices are good - so you can sell and reinvest for your future. Want to talk about your new home opportunity? Call me AL.....

Recession Does NOT Equal Housing Crisis

Got to love the media. Ever feel undertones of "the sky is falling" and a need to present it that way? That is how they sell news. The truth is a recession does not mean a housing crisis. Check out the facts. What happens to home prices may surprise you indeed!

August Housing Numbers

In less than a minute you can see what the national housing market looks like in August. For a more detailed look at our own market in San Antonio, checkout our page: https://www.sanantoniorealestate.blog/p/san-antonio-real-estate-market.html

It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas

Well, if the colors did not get your attention, hopefully the post title did. Actually, Christmas is not THAT far away and it is a joyous time for many to celebrate! However you choose to recognize your December 25th, did you know that there is time to get you in a home of your own by then? Yes indeed - it can be done!

Take the first step... and call me AL (or check out my website) and see what homes are listed for sale  https://www.sanantonio.homes

The Housing Market Today

There is actually a GREAT housing market right now! This is such an opportunity for the first timers to jump in or the those folks looking to move on up or retirees looking to regroup - whatever your reason - checkout this video and consider the options that may be right for you! Let's talk about it - it could be golden!

Renter Would Be Owner

You will never hear me say "everyone" would choose owning over renting, but there are a fair number of folks who are renting right now who would prefer to be owners. Which ever side you are on is fine - it is what is right for you that matters. This is a short video. If you know someone who might be helped by this information, please do share. Life is about sharing is it not? Thank you!

Non-disclosure State

What does it mean to be a non-disclosure state? The best answer to that was shared today by SABOR (The San Antonio Board of Realtors) and I am sharing it with you. Often the question comes up so here is the official answer and feel free to share if you like. Non-disclosure State

How High Do You Score?

Some folks think they cannot qualify for a mortgage and a house because their scores are too low. The question is - have you checked, recently? It is best to know your credit scores and what you are working with for a variety of reasons, not just to buy a house, but because credit scores impact every day life in many ways.

You can get free reports and scores several times during the year! Find out how right here on this blog: https://www.sanantoniorealestate.blog/p/mortgages-and-credit.html

If you would like some help to find out if you qualify for a mortgage, how much you can qualify for or what steps you need to take to get qualified, let's talk. Let's do it together!

Still a Seller's Market

Anything under a 6 month inventory supply is considered a seller's market. Even though the supply of homes for sale has increased, we are still short of demand. What is worse, is homes on the lower end, the ones considered to be "starter homes" are even in shorter supply. If you have a home and have thought about moving on, moving up - this is a great opportunity. Check out the video. Check out the market. Call me. Let's talk. Let's do it.

You Need This App

I don’t believe that I have ever headlined with a “you need this” before – but seriously folks – have a look at this app – and it is free. They gave me a bunch of licenses to give away.

Whether you are a home owner or a renter - this is important for you.

So – first, watch the short video. then, some of the things I think are really cool – you buy something like a refrigerator, scan it and – you have the item in your home inventory “just in case”, you have quick and easy access to the appliance manual if you need it and if it is a device with suggested maintenance you’ll get reminders. You will also get other reminders – like I got one today to check my fire extinguishers and make sure they are in working order. How great is that.

A couple times a year I think they send you a greeting from me. This is not something I abuse because I hate spam and I think you lose business that way. So much for that.

Oh, one other – on the cool side. We have uploaded various business that we have used or have been recommended – so if something breaks or gets cranky, just check the available. AND – the app allows you to customize your own. You can add businesses you like or frequent and if you want to recommend them for everyone, send me a note and I’ll do that.

Hope to see you there soon. Here is the app: https://www.sanantoniorealestate.blog/p/home-pro.html

PS: If you are not in the San Antonio area, go ahead anyway, you will just need to put in your own favorite local resources. All the other benefits are worth it!

San Antonio Apartment Rentals

We are getting there - the San Antonio Apartment Rentals website is almost complete. Many new features have been added including links to search for rental homes, home buying opportunities and all kinds of things to do in and around San Antonio. Be sure to check it out today - and, of course share the link with at least 1000 of your best friends. Thank you. San Antonio Apartment Rentals

Living in Texas Today

Today, we would like to introduce you to our newest website - and search tool - for Texas real estate. You can search the San Antonio home and property listings from the San Antonio MLS (this is coming directly from SABOR - THE San Antonio MLS itself - so latest and greatest) - AND - you can research a ton of information about other areas and demographics in Texas. Be sure to give it a try and send me some feedback. This is NEW - brand spanking NEW!!! Living in Texas Today

3 Reasons People Are Selling Today

Whatever your reason for selling, it is still a great time to get it done and move on. We are sharing 3 common reasons in this short video. Give us a call and let's talk about your reason for considering it.