San Antonio Homes Owner Financed

San Antonio Homes Owner Financed
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POST ONLY HOMES or properties FOR SALE WITH OWNER FINANCING CAN INCLUDE: lease/rent to own and wraps. DO NOT post anything else. Group open to any...

San Antonio Historic Homes

San Antonio Homes - Historic
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POST ONLY HISTORIC HOMES or properties FOR SALE..... DO NOT post anything else. Historic market news posts are fine. Ads without a listing are not. G...

Americans Are Sitting on Tremendous Equity

Have you checked you home equity recently? You may be surprised! If you have no mortgage, do you know your market value?

Our Scoop Results

Are you following us on San Antonio ONE? Or, perhaps directly on our home page? We are at 30,000 views - and growing. See you soon!

200 Recipes

Once again, time to share the family recipes - and more. Actually, it is 200 Recipes x 2!

If you are a regular you have heard this, but for the new folks - the original plan was to hard copy print 200 books (there is that 200 number again) and then changed to digital instead. Last I looked somewhere around 186,000 have seen these books and somewhere around 3000 have downloaded.

And, that was all before the host changed the rules. Now, you can download or print individual recipes - so have fun, and enjoy!

First Edition:
Second Edition:

Getting A Mortgage

If you are a regular here, you already know that getting pre-approved is the first step to begin the search for a new home.

If you are a first time buyer or in need of some assistance, we have a page on this blog with lots of additional information and links to resources.


If you do not already have a mortgage approval, you can apply on our San Antonio Homes site:

What the Experts Are Saying About the Market


In one short minute, see what the experts have to say about the housing market. If you are ready to buy or sell - or if you just want to talk about it - call today! Al Cannistra

Home Prices - Rise or Fall

When this video was made just a few short weeks ago, home prices were still on the rise. Then, for a time, prices were "holding their own" and - for the most part - that is still true. But, I have observed a few signs of some reduction and that is something to watch carefully. Keep in mind, pricing is local and circumstances are unique. At this time, there does not appear to be any broad movement in pricing. Enjoy the video!