Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Home Prices Increase

When I saw the picture to the left for some reason it made me think of an old song by The 5th Dimension - Up Up and Away - and now that song is going to be in my head all day after writing and posting this. My apology if it happens to you too - but, it is a great song!

And homes are a great way to invest and enjoy the upward climb. So many more options than putting money in a bank or investing in metals or even the stock market. You cannot live in any of those - right? You can live in a home of your choice and you can paint it, remodel it, decorate it and enjoy it. Your home has endless possibilities. Oh yeah, and as prices climb - so goes the value of your investment.

Looks like investing in a home is working nicely in all price ranges. Check out today's article to see the percentages and how folks are increasing their wealth. Time to buy? Time to move up? Time to downsize, relocate, PCS, and more? Call me - AL.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Don't Do It

You found the right house and have submitted an offer and the offer was accepted - how exciting is that! Next, you follow through with your pre-approved mortgage and submit everything to get final approval and close on your new home in about a month or so.

Now life goes on and change happens. You accept a new job offer. OH NO! Maybe you are so excited, you buy a new car or truck - or maybe the one you have breaks down and instead of fixing it, you buy and finance a new one - glad to see the old one gone. OH NO! Still in that new home euphoria, you decide to start shopping - after all some retailers seem to offer 99 years interest free.... or realistically more like 4 or 5 years interest free, does not matter. You can finance it. OH NO!

There are more OH NO's and any one of them can cause your mortgage application process to collapse. The lenders look at certain things in qualifying and approving your mortgage loan. There are numbers and ratios that are considered. You throw that off with additional debt or the like and those numbers may disqualify you. OH NO!

Sometimes we read things and think it "does not apply to me" - this list of "Don't Do It" items does. Whether you are a future buyer - or an agent representing a future buyer, experience taught me it really can happen. It does happen. So be prepared and check out today's article for more things you should not do while in the process of buying a new home and applying for a mortgage.

And, maybe you can help family or someone in your circle of friends - share this article. This information is not just for my clients, it is for everyone considering buying a home. It really is that important.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Fall Buyer and Seller Guides Available

THEY HAVE ARRIVED! The Fall editions of the guides are ready for download now. The links are in the right column of this blog >>>

Both the Seller Guide and the Buyer Guide are available in English and Spanish. Download and share if you like. Send it to 1000 of your best friends. I'd like to see everyone get their chance at a home no matter who their agent is!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Don't Fall Into The Rent Trap

There are times when renting makes sense. There are times when renting is the only option. But, there are many more times where rent becomes a trap and it becomes difficult to break out from. If you would like to be a homeowner, I encourage you to give it a try. You may not need the down payment you think you do and you may even qualify for a special program. But you won't KNOW if you do not TRY. Check out out mortgage page - and call me, let's talk. AL https://www.sanantoniorealestate.blog/p/mortgages-and-credit.html

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Sellers Now Is The Time To Buy

Have you been thinking about moving on up to a new home? Now is a great time to make the move - and lock in low interest rates for years to come. Not to mention, housing prices are good - so you can sell and reinvest for your future. Want to talk about your new home opportunity? Call me AL.....

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Recession Does NOT Equal Housing Crisis

Got to love the media. Ever feel undertones of "the sky is falling" and a need to present it that way? That is how they sell news. The truth is a recession does not mean a housing crisis. Check out the facts. What happens to home prices may surprise you indeed!

Friday, September 6, 2019

August Housing Numbers

In less than a minute you can see what the national housing market looks like in August. For a more detailed look at our own market in San Antonio, checkout our page: https://www.sanantoniorealestate.blog/p/san-antonio-real-estate-market.html

Saturday, August 10, 2019

It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas

Well, if the colors did not get your attention, hopefully the post title did. Actually, Christmas is not THAT far away and it is a joyous time for many to celebrate! However you choose to recognize your December 25th, did you know that there is time to get you in a home of your own by then? Yes indeed - it can be done!

Take the first step... and call me AL (or check out my website) and see what homes are listed for sale  https://www.sanantonio.homes

Friday, August 9, 2019

The Housing Market Today

There is actually a GREAT housing market right now! This is such an opportunity for the first timers to jump in or the those folks looking to move on up or retirees looking to regroup - whatever your reason - checkout this video and consider the options that may be right for you! Let's talk about it - it could be golden!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Renter Would Be Owner

You will never hear me say "everyone" would choose owning over renting, but there are a fair number of folks who are renting right now who would prefer to be owners. Which ever side you are on is fine - it is what is right for you that matters. This is a short video. If you know someone who might be helped by this information, please do share. Life is about sharing is it not? Thank you!

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Non-disclosure State

What does it mean to be a non-disclosure state? The best answer to that was shared today by SABOR (The San Antonio Board of Realtors) and I am sharing it with you. Often the question comes up so here is the official answer and feel free to share if you like. Non-disclosure State