In passing

Sadly, today I learned of the passing of one of my very special clients. It was not terribly long ago we did our 3rd transaction together as the couple prepared for new beginnings in their retirement in South America. They gave me a heads up that they planned to sell their home once again and then suggested we all go out to dinner to discuss it. I still remember that day as they sprung their planned “big move” on me – I think totally enjoying the stunned look on my face. South America it was to be!

They say real estate is a people business – and it is. We are taught as professional successful agents (however that is measured) we must like helping people, place client’s needs above our own and enjoy building lasting relationships. That is actually the fun part of the business for me – helping and caring. The best relationships many times transcend generations and clients become extended family.

I have been fortunate to build some strong and everlasting friendships through real estate. This couple was one of them. They are very private people so nothing written here will identify them in any way. They were together over 3 decades – a couple so devoted to each other that they could easily be role models for married couples. As it turns out, she is the survivor and much earlier than ever planned. Timing was cut short. She made a good point today - we do not move on – we move forward. And in his memory, that we do. We all need to remember to live each day as though it is our last. We never know.