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I'm not sure, but this may be the first time we ever posted two videos in one morning! This message is just too important and relevant to today's market to delay sharing. We'll get back to our normal schedule next week. And, a little hint - check back tomorrow - we have a new and special guest poster!

About this video....  it is perfectly normal to have some fear of the unknown and if you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned buyer who has never navigated through a market like we have today. So, what is the solution to help mitigate that feeling? Take an expert with you on the journey! Licensed real estate professionals are educated, trained, and experienced - that is how we earn a living. And, don't forget - if you are buying, usually the seller pays our fees - even on brand new builder homes! Let us help you!


Hope y'all enjoy our video and wishing everyone a safe holiday!

Fall Edition - Home Buyer and Seller Guides

The new Fall 2020 editions are availble for immediate download. Your choice, English or Spanish - Buyers Guide,   Sellers Guide,   and Millennials Guide.

You can also download the current edition from the links in the right colum at any time (half way down or so) and you are welcome to share with anyone you wish. They do not need to be our client! If I can answer any questions, please let me know.

Everyone Welcome

Just sharing our latest video with you! 

It has been our policy since opening day - all are welcome. If we can help you, we are HAPPY to help you. Reach out and let's chat. Buying or selling - give us a call. Spanish speaking agent available.

Home Sales Surging This Summer


Who would have thought with a nasty virus running on the loose that there would be a rise in home buyer traffic! We are seeing rising prices and increased sales. 

Whether you are selling or looking to buy (low interest rates), now is a great time to make your move. We are here to help. Visit  www.SanAntonio.Homes today to get started.

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Renovation Projects to Boost Your Home’s Value This Fall

Our homes are our sanctuaries. It’s where we can go after a long day and leave our worries at the door. But, after social distancing for months, your home may feel more like a prison than a sanctuary. So, why not take back your home and breathe new life into it?

According to HomeLight’sQ3 survey, buyers are looking for a few specific features in a home. If you have the money and the time, consider these home improvement projects with high ROI, and we’ll share our top tips from top agents about how to tackle these projects.

1. In-law suites

We’ve joked about dreading when the in-laws come by to visit, but what if there was a way they could visit and not be a burden? An in-law suite is a great way to make the in-laws comfortable and keep your sanity. Typically these suites include a bedroom and a full bath, but you can find suites that are more like a mini-apartment! They could include a small living area and sometimes even a kitchenette. 

2. Outdoor living spaces

There’s nothing like stepping out onto the patio (or deck or balcony) and breathing in the fresh air. Buyers want to be able to entertain outdoors and because these features are highly sought after (20% of agents say their clients want an outdoor area), you can expect to see a decent return on your investment!

3. No more open floor plans

Open floor plans were made popular by home improvement shows on television, but due to the pandemic, people are more interested in having their own, private space. This is certainly true for families who are working or learning from home. By having clearly defined rooms with a door, folks can shut the door and do their work in peace. 

Plus it’s always nice to have your own little retreat when other household members start to get on your nerves!

4. Touchless features

Homes with touchless features like smart thermostats, lights and entertainment systems are all the rage nowadays. These features help minimize the spread of germs and in light of the pandemic, people are very concerned about the health and well-being of everyone who lives (or visits) the home. And if you have touchless features like the lights and thermostat, you can adjust the heat and turn on the lights before you even get home!

5. Antibacterial surfaces and disinfecting zones

Along with touchless features, buyers want to have surfaces that will not harbor harmful bacteriaand microbes that can get people sick. Materials such as stainless steel, copper, and surfacestreated with a special coating can go a long way to make people feel safer. 

Not only are people looking for antibacterial and antimicrobial surfaces, they want a designated space for disinfecting. This room will be a space where families can leave packages, clothing, shoes, and other items that may carry the COVID virus and other infectious germs.

Of course, before you decide that you want to take on any renovation project, you need to do your homework and budgeting. These renovations can add up pretty quickly and if you’re not careful, you could easily go over budget!

When it comes time to hire a contractor, as your real estate agent (if you’re selling your house) for recommendations. If you aren’t going to sell your home any time soon and still want to do these or other renovation projects, look for licensed contractors with a good reputation. You’re going to pay a lot of money, so you’re definitely going to want to make sure it’s well spent!

Author: Evette Champion

Bio: Experienced Freelance Writer with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry. Strong media and communication professional skilled in creating engaging blog articles for the lovelorn reader.