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Working with New Home Builders in San Antonio

Serving clients looking to purchase a NEW Home is one of our favorite requests – through additional hours of special training and certification, we help our clients navigate the process and reduce the stress. Building your Dream Home can be a challenge - but very rewarding.

We have both the CNHS - Certified New Home Specialist and the RCC - Residential Construction Certified – to better serve folks looking to buy new construction, builder homes, and custom homes. Not ALL REALTORS understand the nuances of helping you buy “new”. It matters.

Did you know that it cost you NOTHING to use the services of a REALTOR® professional when buying homes from New and Custom Home Builders in San Antonio. A professional can help answer your questions regarding site, builder, design and decor.

Keep in mind, that sales person at the builder's office works for the builder - NOT YOU. The benefits of your own representation include negotiating on your behalf and using our special training, experience, knowledge, and reputation as strength and leverage to ensure your interests are represented. Having a licensed professional represent you when buying new home may save you money and let you have peace of mind! Make your new home the best it can be.

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