So You Are Thinking FSBO

The first thought may be - "Of course he is pitching against FSBO - he is a real estate agent".

And my answer is - "partially true, but it is because I know the stats, not because I am biased about this".

Read on. What I am sharing with you comes from the pros - and market experience.

It is a myth that selling by owner nets you more money!

And, the 6% would just about cover the cost of a professional - eliminating a lot of work, risks and liability for the selling owner!

The number one point to consider is that the FSBO buyer KNOWS you are saving the cost of a professional agent.

In their view, the seller can give it up "to sell". What you are trying to save, so is the buyer.

How good are you at negotiating?

How much time do you have to negotiate?

Do you want to negotiate with everyone on the list?

Pricing is usually viewed as the biggest concern.

My view on this is not the norm. If you are satisfied with the price, then fine.

My biggest concern for sellers is your personal safety and the risk of scams. We all know about the things that happen today. Bad things even happen to real estate agents. It is a fact of life.

This is why folks hire us.

I can't speak to every agent - each is an independent business person. Each of us pursues education to get licensed and continuing education to keep the license. Some agents pursue additional education over and above the requirements. I do.

The point is, it may look easy to buy and sell a house on your own, but if it were that easy - then why all the education requirements?

We just make it look easy :-)