Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hopefully once in a cyber lifetime

Actually I'm in the third day of being only able to type on a virtual keyboard... that means pointing the mouse and clicking on each letter to compose and type something. None of the attempts to work with different keyboards has worked. Nothing tried has corrected the situation and I may have made it worse with an attempted fix to the registry, a few rollbacks and a registry clean. Maybe all that is the creation of a perfect storm on my computer.

Sine I am running W7, I am gambling that the update to W8 will get things back in order. As soon as it is delivered today we'll find out. If the fix is not there, then trouble. The HP desktop is 3.5 years old and in recent years that is about their life expectancy. This one may have been done in by Kaspersky 2013 and the transition to 2014 - the second year in a row that their product is garbage. There is a little over 400 days remaining on my KIS subscription - not sure if I will just junk it.

Oh well, over 20 minutes spent typing this so far on the virtual keyboard and that is enough. Someday I may look back and laugh about this situation - but not today!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Catching Up Can Be Hard To Do

WHEW! It has been a wicked 10 days...  first Internet issues which Time Warner helped resolve but then the "fix" caused even worse issues with the VOIP phone. Sadly, that did not go well - been with a company named Lingo since 2004 and I have been a huge fan and advocate - until now.

The bizarre element of the change is that in its early days Lingo support was based in India. Those folks were the best trained, best support group on the planet. Most recently I encountered US based support... the world has changed - and not for the better. The attitude is horrible - the advise even worse. I am actually considering moving to another resource after almost 10 years!

Beware of their support - they had me make settings in my wireless router and then pointed me to an external site which was supposed to verify that the changes went into effect. And THAT is when the real trouble started. I foolishly thought the site would be safe - I downloaded the software and got hammered with 6 bugs that took over Internet Explorer, Chrome and FireFox. I overrode my anti-virus because "Lingo" gave me the site. It took over 5 hours to eradicate the bugs and 3 days to do damage control. It has been so much fun.

Should I have known better - yes. Do I know better - yes. But then we all have our stupid days.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Design Change

OK - new background on here. Funny thing, the TV looks like the ones in living rooms when I grew up. The wall phone however, looks like something that was on TV - the program was called Lassie.

First Day Jitters

DAY 1 - OMG, Stage fright. What do you say when you know everyone on the planet can see it. This is like standing on a stage and having your jaws flap with no sound coming out of your mouth. I need to think about this - back later!