Why Homeownership Matters

A means to an end! We are going to start in reverse - instead of talking about benefits in the early years, let's look at the benefits at retirement. No matter what your age right now, retirement is hopefully something you will get to one day!

So - What Matters? If you have been renting, you will have at best a stack of rent receipts. (I have shared this before... I remember one of my uncles coming into the family dining room with 2 huge stacks of rent receipts - 23 years of rent receipts). And, if you have rent receipts, next month you can look forward to another one.

Suppose you bought a home of your own. That is not unlike having a forced savings plan. At retirement you can look forward to having an investment - hopefully a paid up investment but either way - a tangible value that is yours. You can retire in place, downsize, relocate - whatever you want to do. Way better than rent receipts - and if it is paid off then no mortgage payment next month! Read about net worth.

There are a lifetime of benefits related to homeownership. Not the least of which is - the home is yours! You have way more freedom than a renter.

Benefits like privacy, fixed payments, pride of ownership, education, civic and even health - homeownership. Check it out.

Just to the left is a chart of benefits. Think about the rewards of homeownership. They are there for you.

Discard the belief that you need 20% down. If you have not yet applied or recently applied - forget what you heard about required credit scores. Check it out with a mortgage professional and get today's answer. If you do not already have a mortgage professional, you can apply on line or call me for other mortgage professionals that you can contact.

You won't know if you do not try. And, if there is a problem you will find out and see what has to be done to fix it. Check out the reasons to own your own home. Reach out to me and let's get it done.