Good schools

Good schools can make a difference. Use our featured school mapping to research.

Closing on your new home

Once you get past the paperwork and signatures - money transfers - and it is yours! What a feeling! This is the 5th video in the series. Enjoy!

Making the offer

You found the right home. Now how do you make an offer? this is the 4th video in the series.

How to search for your new home

Third in the video series. Although, we recommend when searching use a LOCAL real estate site - like ours :-) my SA Texas Homes

About getting a mortgage for your home

This is the second of the 5 video series. Hope you enjoy!

Knowing when you are ready to buy a home.

Thanks to our friends at - we share this with you. This is the first of 5 videos.

Home price outlook

Where Are Home Prices Headed Over the Next 5 Years? Check it out