Fund Raising Part 2

OK, so yesterday's post was my occasional fund raiser for KIVA. Today's post is a small follow up - and the last - for a while - promise! (If you are a regular, you already know I only do this 2 or 3 times a year).

If you have clicked on the link, you already may have discovered that you can choose who you want to extend a small loan to. You can filter by need, use and even country. I do all of that - and I have a personal goal of eventually helping at least one someone in every country in the program. It is not a competitive thing as I am quite sure the 100% has been done already and probably by many.

You can see from the list the countries already covered - and those to go. I granted another loan today, the 36th - and you can tell from the list above, loans were made to folks in some countries more than once. This is taking time and perhaps it is a bigger challenge than I thought originally. BUT.... never give up - right?

As I write this, don't know that I have ever really elaborated on this, but remember - these are "loans" to people. They are intended to be paid back (loans are rated for payback expectancy). When you are paid back, you can take your money and go - or - you can lend again. I have been lending again - perhaps the most fun I have had with "recycling". The choice is always yours.

If you would like to explore - and maybe even consider making a small loan, here is the link: . You can make a loan of as little as 25 bucks - you may have heard of it called micro-lending. Either way, thanks for reading.


Some of you have likely seen my posts about KIVA during the last almost 4 years….  Donate By Making Loans. I got invited to this by an invite from PayPal almost 4 years ago. Today, I extended my 35th loan – made to people managing a microfinance organization in Ouagadougou that supports women and farmers in a country I’ve never even heard of – Burkina Faso. It is considered one of the safest in West Africa, landlocked, population of about 20 million (I know, Mexico City has more people!). The payback on this loan is 25 months – some are less, this term is not at all unusual.

Here is - the story – the history – and an invite – to be a participant. Find out why I make loans. We all have our preferences for supporting others, find out why I like this program by visiting my page:

FYI  Kiva is a 501(c)3 U.S. nonprofit fueled by passionate people. Founded in 2005, and based in San Francisco, with offices in Bangkok, Nairobi, Portland, and staff around the globe.

Should I Buy a Home This Year

So, your first thought is "of course he will say buy this year, he is a real estate agent". The real answer is, yes I will - but not because I sell homes and properties. The reason I am on board with buying this year is primarily interest rates. They are LOW! Do you want to sit down a couple years from now and say "I wish I woulda"? Instead, you could be locked in to a 30 year LOW INTEREST FIXED RATE mortgage and know that you have a low monthly payment and a build up of home equity. Let's improve your wealth. Call today and let's make a plan for you!

Moving Concierge

We are very excited to bring you our new and FREE concierge service to help you on your next move. Whether moving to a new home or a new apartment, these professionals can help make your journey less stressful.

And, this is a great time to once again share our FREE Homekeepr app. This one does so many things, y'all need to visit the page and check it out. You will receive occasional reminders, you can access our database of resources for home repair etc., you can customize it with your own choices,  - and - you can inventory your household appliances and electronics with quick access to their manuals. It is a great app:

Technology Is Power in Real Estate

This video is a personal favorite. For one, I like the music! But, more importantly, the message is right on the money. At this time, technology powers just about everything - and real estate is no exception. That is why we invest in the latest technology and providing our clients what they need to prosper in today's market. Everything from this blog, our sister blog SanAntonioHomes.Blog, our website SanAntonio.Homes, our APP (available on your smart tech device) - all benefit our clients and their real estate needs. Give us a try - we are hyper local - hometown San Antonio.

The 3 Sciences Driving Economic Projections

You probably guessed that health science is one of the three - and you would be correct. We'll all be happy when the COVAD or CORONA virus is G O N E ! But there are two more sciences involved in making the projections. You can find out what they are in just about one minute! Home shopping? (or thinking about it?) check out www.SanAntonio.Homes today!

Impact of Buying a Home

Not only does buying a home benefit you and helps you gain wealth - but there is a HUGE impact on the community! Find out more on that in just about one short minute. It's bigger than you might think.

Summer Buyer and Seller Guides

Our regular readers know that 4 times a year, we release new Buyer and new Seller Guides - FREE, downloadable and shareable as you wish. Have a look in the right column of this blog and choose either or both guides today. You can also get our FREE guide for millennials!

Getting Ready To Sell

Have you been thinking about selling your home and making a move? COVID or not - it can be done! Have a look at this short video - and call me if you would like to discuss the market - and how you can sell your home now!

What The Experts Are Saying

We are going to be sharing a bunch of videos as we catch up on posting. This is the first. Find out what the experts are saying about the housing market in about one short minute!