Go Solar San Antonio

Go Solar!

There are many reasons to go “Go Green” with Solar Power. It goes beyond nature conservation, although that is certainly a significant reason to consider using alternatives to fossil fuels. Solar power helps to reduce waste, economic dependency, and increases social well-being. Choosing solar and other sustainable living alternatives not only has a profound effect on the property owner, but also the world.

Solar Power Reduces the Use of Fossil Fuels, which in turn reduces
Air Pollution
Water Pollution
Land Pollution

Solar Power can help to reduce energy costs, waste, and pollution by reducing the dependency on goal, gas, and petroleum and thereby reducing the risk of spills, waste, and harmful greenhouse gasses entering the atmosphere. Even those who consider themselves Climate Change skeptics can at least understand how solar power reduces pollution, the chance of toxic spills like those we had in the Gulf, and helps make energy costs affordable.

Depending on which solar solution you choose you can use both passive and active solar power to reduce the cost of heating or cooling your home or business.The San Antonio area is perfect for solar. Check it out Go Solar! We believe in solar: http://solaradvisor.pro

Johnson Ranch Visit - Bulverde

Went out there yesterday again. This time toured a home available now for quick delivery. Johnson Ranch is a great newer community and many home choice options. Let us know if we can help you. Our services cost you nothing - the builder pays us.

Making a Difference in San Antonio

Why Working with a Local Real Estate Professional Makes All the Difference! Perhaps you may be surprised by these survey results... "75% of respondents would use a local real estate agent over an online agent, and 71% would choose a local lender." A real estate agent might have a slightly different value perception depending on generation, but no matter how you look at it, a local real estate professional cannot be replaced by an impartial program living in a box and operating in a cloud. Of course technology plays a role in today's real estate transaction, but the very heart of being a true real estate professional is being an educated professional with local knowledge, someone with experience who can serve as a process coach, someone who is trustworthy, and someone who is responsive. An impartial app cannot do that. Maybe someday when AI advances to new heights - but not today! Best is to find an agent you like and go with it. You can read more in today's article

#1 Reason to List in San Antonio

#1 Reason to List Your House for Sale, NOW! Demand exceeds supply means seller's market. We have all likely heard that one before and right now, that is what it is. Of course, it does not mean all homes will sell quickly. Some stay on the market for months. I previews one beautiful home about a week ago that has been on the market over 6 months. It is an upscale home in a great neighborhood. It is priced right. There is no apparent reason that it has not sold. It just hasn't. Then I explored more homes in the plus 6 months category and there are quite a few. If you have a home listed and it has not sold, best to have a very frank conversation with your listing agent and develop action plan B. More on the #1 Reason to List in today's article

Caliza Springs - Encino Park

Catching up a little bit here. Thursday did a home tour at the brand new subdivision Caliza Springs in Encino Park. The homes are built by McMillin Texas Homes. It is a small community with 38 lots in a well located neighborhood. Worth checking out and I would be glad to show you the model and the area.

San Antonio Home Inventory

Inventory Challenges Continue! It is still a seller's market - simply not enough homes available to match the buyer demand. If you have been waiting to sell - now is good! But perhaps you have a concern about finding your new home given the inventory shortage. Have you considered building your new home? I purchased new construction when I moved to San Antonio. It is an opportunity to make your new home really yours! Everything will be new, color choices are yours, and you have a choice of many builders to make your dream home a reality. I am such a huge fan of new homes I have taken specialized classes and earned new home construction certifications to help my clients with the process. Checkout today's graph for more information on home inventory

How's the Real Estate Market

How's the Real Estate Market? Find Out What the Experts Are Saying. In San Antonio, as in many other areas of the country, the market is getting stronger and a good summer for sellers is expected. That does not mean every house is going to sell in less than 30 days. There are many exceptions and for a variety of different reasons. I looked at one property with a list price of just over a half million and it has been on the market almost 9 months! Great location, great house and priced well in line with homes in the area. It just has not sold - yet! If you are ready to look at listing your home and you would like to know your home's market value, contact me. We can explore the possibilities. Meanwhile, have a look at today's article

Rent in San Antonio

Is Now a Good Time to Rent? NO. Now is a great time to buy! If you read the previous article, more folks are buying that renting. That means more folks have taken to building their wealth and saying enough already with the collection of rent receipts. Read past articles in this blog for more reasons to go with ownership vs renting. We have devoted a lot to the campaign for owning your own home. The bottom line - I do not see rents going down. For more, be sure to checkout today's article

Americans Chose to Own

More Americans Chose to Own a Home Than Rent in Q1. I am happy to see that and, no, not for selfish reasons being that I am in the business. Rather, it is good for the country. It is good for the generation that has come of age. It is a strong sign of market health and recovery. It is the American Dream that we often talk about. Maybe I am not so popular with landlords - oh well. I am an advocate of HOMEOWNERSHIP. For more, read today's article

Hire a Real Estate Professional in San Antonio

5 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Professional When Buying or Selling! Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork. OK, just having a little fun there. It certainly is a very good reason though - and when you look at the mountain of paperwork it is easy to draw that conclusion. Of course the mortgage side is just as bad if not worse! Now back to the subject here - there are other reasons for hiring a professional. Knowing what to do when you start looking - and the find a house that you like. How do you turn that house into your home? How do you really know the right price for the house you want to buy - and if you are moving, how much to ask for the house you want to sell. Are you a good negotiator (we are not talking flea market here, we are talking big bucks and perhaps interest on top of that! And then - the fake news (term we hear so often these days). Seriously, do you know what is REALLY going on in the real estate market? Those a reasons to hire a pro and you can read more in today's article

Moving to Texas

Why Do Americans Consider Moving to Another State? [INFOGRAPHIC] Check out today's article for a quick look at why Americans relocate. Everyone has their own reason of course - and it may or may not be one of the mainstream reasons listed in the report. I moved here from Chicago in 2004 and the reason is not one mentioned. My reason for relocation may be far less common than most. Whatever your reason and where ever your destination, I hope that it works out for you. If you are moving to San Antonio, consider me to help you find your new home. I work with any relocation company or directly with your employer. Also, very able to help military PCS here - or out

On a personal note

It was one year ago today that an orthopedic surgeon operated on my back. It was not a good situation and if unsuccessful, I would either not be here today or certainly incapacitated. Prior to surgery there was 5 1/2 months of that and more than I ever want to experience again. And, here is where today's story unfolds. Had planned to deliver a thank you gift to the doctor and his nurse specialist today - and found out too late that neither were working this week. Well, when things go wrong you move to plan B. It was an opportunity to re-purpose those gifts and share them with some very special friends who cared for me following surgery, made sure I had food and everything else needed. So to Connie, Robin and Kirk - thank you for being special friends and being there when most needed.

Answer to the Housing Shortage in San Antonio

#1 Answer to the Housing Shortage: New Construction! Actually, new construction has been a long time personal favorite and specialty. I got my first "new home" when I moved to San Antonio in 2004. It was an experience like no other - I was flying down from Chicago every 2 or 3 weeks watching the house being built. The project was memorialized in a new construction video. In later years, earned some additional certifications - the RCC (Residential Construction Certified) and the CNHS (Certified New Home Specialist) to better help folks interested in new construction. The good news in today's market is the builder confidence is up and more new homes are being built. New homes tend to be more energy efficient and can be very green. It gives the buyer many options to personalize. In the San Antonio market, depending on the type of home and the builder, construction can be started with good credit and very little money down. Some builders also offer special programs for veterans. If you have not considered new construction - a personalized new home of your own - or thought you could not afford it, call me and lets discuss the options. You have nothing to lose and no added cost. The builder pays the REALTOR commission. For more information about new homes helping to solve the housing shortage, have a look at today's article

Visit to Coronado in San Antonio

Today's visit was to the Coronado community in the North side of San Antonio - near 281 and Marshall Road. Builders today were Highland Homes and Coventry Homes. If you are in the market for a new home in the North central part of San Antonio this is a location to visit.

Visit to Chesmar in Wortham Oaks

Yesterday's visit - Wortham Oaks is a great community. Glad to show it to you! New homes is one of our specialties: New Home Construction

Pet Friendly Homes in San Antonio

Selling Your Home? Is Your Listing ‘Pet-Friendly’? Not everyone out shopping for a home is a dog lover. But, the majority of Americans are pet lovers - dogs, cats, birds, fish and lots of other critters that you can think of. For those of you who have spent some time on my main real estate website, you know I am a dog lover and my guy is over one hundred pounds and folks say, with some resemblance to Chewbacca :-) The point is that if you have a pet friendly home, you may want to include that in the MLS information when selling. Of course, being pet friendly does not mean "with pet odor" - your real estate agent can guide you on that. For more information on pet friendly listings, have a look at today's article

Making an Offer in San Antonio

4 Tips for Effectively Making an Offer for a Home. Imagine finding a home you really love and losing it to another buyer! Maybe you were not pre-approved and the seller was nervous. Maybe you tried to make an offer too low for the current market. Wrong offers equal lost time and may well equal lost opportunity. If you truly are ready to buy understand the market at the time your are shopping. To best understand the market, work with a licensed REALTOR professional who can guide you along the way. Those of us who are real estate professional have seen it happen - the home of the buyer's dreams - lost. It happens all the time. For more on how to better understand the concept of making the right offer - not too low and not too high - read more in today's article

San Antonio Cost of Not Owning

Do You Know the Cost of NOT Owning Your Home? Many of us who grew up in a rental were lead to believe that the folks owning their home were rich and that owning a home was too expensive - way more expensive than just renting. Have you heard that before? It was interesting hearing the discussions within my extended family - one side being home owners and the other committed renters! I joined ranks with the owners side long before I got into real estate as an agent - even long before I got into real estate as an investor. Today, everything has turned around. It is cheaper to be a home owner. Renters are paying higher costs and can look forward to paying more rent. Owners have the option to look at a fixed term - and someday, no more mortgage payments. Owners also look forward to enjoying their increased wealth. And all the time that is going on behind the scene, owners are enjoying their OWN property and all the benefits that come with it. Hope you will take two minutes and have a look at today's article. And, then - are you ready

Getting A Mortgage San Antonio Video

Getting a mortgage in San Antonio

What You Need to Know About Qualifying for a Mortgage [INFOGRAPHIC]. It really is not that difficult to get a mortgage. It is a pain to fill out the paperwork, but remember you are asking someone to take a chance on you - a relationship that may last for decades! And, it is simply a step you need to take to own your home and improving your wealth. Unless you inherit a huge sum of money, win the lottery or something of the like, you are going to need a mortgage to get you there. The easiest way to get this done is to work with professionals who work with mortgages every day. They help you navigate through the process and pretty much hold your hand each step along the way. Have a look at today's article and let's get you started on the road to home ownership in San Antonio

No housing bubble in San Antonio

3 Reasons the Housing Market is NOT in a Bubble. As we look at the causes of the last bubble and crash - most would agree that the lenient lending was at the heart of the cyclone. The lending practices of the past are gone. Today, far more prudent lending practices make getting a mortgage a bit more challenging with the intent of allowing folks to buy homes they can afford - and keep! Hopefully, everyone not only learned a lesson - but will remember the lesson for a long time. As with anything else in life - balance and moderation are key. Builders are building and trying to keep up with demand rather than building a crazy number of spec homes which have expensive carrying cost. San Antonio never had the issues so many parts of the country had to deal with. We had a steady growth but at lower percentage increases. When the fall came, San Antonio homes lost some value but not nearly the catastrophic losses as many other cities. Our growth again has been in moderation and our market is solid. We see no bubble in the nation and none in San Antonio. We do see rising prices and rising interest rates - in moderation, that is a sign of a healthy market. For more information, have a look at today's article

San Antonio Long-Term Investment

Gallup: Real Estate is Best Long-Term Investment 4 Years Running. Historically, real estate has made many families and famous people very wealthy. The majority of Americans favor real estate as the best long-term investment - and for good reason. At the very basic level of one home - your wealth increases dramatically over that of a renter. Have a look at the inforgraphic in today's article. You can see how other investments stack up compared to real estate. And, you know you cannot live in any of the other investments. Are you ready to begin the journey to increased wealth

Houses Wanted in San Antonio

Inventory Shortages Are Slowing Down the Market! The real estate and housing market has made a tremendous recovery. If fact, it could even be better if there were enough homes to meet the demand. There are shortages of resale homes and new homes. Builders are booming with new construction and no sign of that slowing down anytime soon. We hear of sellers on the market for hours - not even days, but hours! We also hear of buyers getting into bidding wars and starting out at 105% of asking price. Of course, not all homes are selling that fast - but they are out there and it is happening. If you are thinking of upsizing, downsizing or just changing your residence, now is a great time to look at doing just that. And, it is time to buy the next house before prices rise further and interest rates increase. Have a look at today's article and if you are ready to buy or sell a home in San Antonio - call me

2017 the Year to Move Up in San Antonio

Is 2017 the Year to Move Up to Your Dream Home? If So, Do It Early! Y'all have heard the phrase "perfect storm" where conditions came together at the same time and created a monster, albeit devastating storm. Well, sometimes conditions come together to create the "perfect opportunity". Like the perfect storm, it does not happen often. The truth is, I am going out on a limb here by comparing the two, yet how can I not? Consider interest rates - low is good and cannot last forever. How they impact buying power has been addressed in previous blog posts here and bottom line, they can have a huge impact and be a big "ouch". Then there is the price of homes - on the rise and predictably not going down. Buying on the up trend is investing in future wealth. And, the economy. Things have improved, the trend is up, the folks in Washington are making every effort to rev up the economic engine and we could see some degree of inflation take hold. Put them all together and the message is buy now - the perfect opportunity to increase wealth and own the home of your choice. For more information, read today's article

The Cost of Waiting to Buy

Do You Know the Cost of Waiting? [INFOGRAPHIC] Yes, there is a cost associated with delaying your decision to buy a home - and it could get VERY expensive. Besides the fact that the money you are paying in rent is lost forever, prices and interest will not stay where they are at now. We can expect that they will go up. You can have a look at today's article for more information on the cost side but let's also look at it from the missed opportunity side. Suppose you bought a house for $200,000 and home prices go up 5% in a year. That is $10,000 of additional wealth on your home. If you have taken out a mortgage to buy the home, you might have put down some money - say $6000 or even $20,000 but you are earning the 5% on the full value of the house! Try putting the equivalent amount of money in a bank account and see what the return is! Yes - your home IS an investment. Are you ready

The Coach

Buy a House Today

Financial Planning: 4 Reasons to Buy a House Today! The order of importance may vary but my number one reason is - you have to have a roof over your head and a place of safety to sleep - why not own it. Years and years p[ass by so quickly and at the end of 30 you can own that roof - or, you can pay next months rent. It is as simple at that! The other reasons are valid - a quasi forced savings program - and then there are those really cool tax deductions. And, today - another HUGE reason for buying your own home..... SAVE MONEY! Yes, it is cheaper to buy than it is to rent. The question now is - are you ready to give it a try? The process will begin with getting a mortgage approval - the rest can be fun! For more information, have a look at today's article

Do You Know?

Buying a Home? Do You Know the Lingo? So you have made the decision and you are ready to buy your first home. Are you familiar with the language and acronyms of home buying - or have you read up on them? Time to do that and of course, working with the right real estate professional helps a lot. You can think of the real estate pro as your own personal coach. I do that all the time yet I find some folks don't really want to know all the details - they prefer to place their trust in the professionals who get the job done. Either way, choosing the right agent to work with is SO important! If you have questions about buying a home, whether it is your first home or a new home, call me. I'll be glad to help you. For more about the "lingo, read today's article


Get All the Facts about PMI. I don;t think we have touched on this subject in forever. Bottom line on PMI, sometimes you have to have it - and sometimes you don't. So what's it all about? PMI is Private Mortgage Insurance. It is insurance coverage for your lender, not you! In previous articles we mention that you do not need 20% down to get a house. In fact, waiting until you do have 20% could hurt you more than help you as the market changes and prices go up - and possibly even higher interest rates. So, you go in with less than 20% down, your lender qualifies you based on the necessary criteria and then PMI is added to your monthly payment in order to cover the lender just in case something goes wrong. Are you stuck with PMI forever - NO. It is an extra cost that can be made to go away. Find out more in today's article. Then call and lets start looking for your new home

Boom & Bust?

Is the Current Pace of Home Sales Maintainable? There are those who hedge with "the sky will fall" mentality and try to give their "opinion" credibility with market stats. But, an in depth look at the housing market "trend" over a considerable period of time indicates that the housing market is in fact very healthy. So, Boom & Bust - NaDa! As with anything else as important to the nation as the housing market, there will be folks rendering different opinions and giving us the opportunity to look at how they got there before drawing our own conclusion. Upon close examination of the numbers presented in today's article, I am convinced that we are in a strong and healthy market. Real estate has once again shown its resilience! Are you ready to make your move