How Often do Families Move

9 is the new 6

So what does 9 is the new 6 mean? It is the answer to "How Long Do Most Families Stay in Their Home?". How long have you been in your home or living where you live now? There was a time when the "family home" housed generations and transferred from parents to children or perhaps from grandparents to children. One side of my family still has a home that has been in the family for over 250 years. It would be nice if we built them to last that long too. That is in Europe so lets get back to the USA and 2017. Housing has been through rough times recently and for many reasons folks have been staying where they are longer than in the most recent past. Perhaps the pent up demand will start a flow and that number will drop back down toward 6 years. We certainly have a population of age groups that can make that happen. Have a look at today's article for an expanded look at the stats. If you are ready for your move, I am available

Video - Home Prices in 5 Years

Home Prices Next 5 Years?

Where Are the Home Prices Heading in the Next 5 Years? Of course no one knows for sure but there are knowledgeable experts who make those predictions and, as you would expect, variable from bull to bear and the in-betweens. Have a look at today's article for more details. But, no matter how you slice it - even the worst is not so bad! You cannot live in a stock portfolio nor a bank savings account. You can live in your home investment. See what you think and let me know if I can help you find a home now. Not ready? Jump over to my website and set up your own market monitor for homes in the area you are interested in. We do not sell your name or address to anyone. It is a great way to watch home prices with almost no effort at all. I have one set for my own neighborhood

Highest Mark Since 2007

Existing Home Sales Reach Highest Mark Since 2007 - imagine the best in a decade! Have a look at today's article for more details. While I like the news I still have a concern about rising costs and rising interest rates. Both of those will likely go up so the best thing that can happen is an improved economy and more jobs to make housing happen! Historically America does recover - housing in America recovers and I am thinking we will once again. Recommendation - BUY NOW (but you knew I was going to say that!)

Family Health

The Impact of Homeownership on Family Health. Better health, greater self-esteem, increased housing satisfaction - and better health! WOW - does that sound important to you? You can read more about the findings in today's report. It is not about hype - it is about the results of professional research. Have a look

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3 of our curations have now achieve a gold badge for excellence in subject matter... Thank you to our readers for your continuing support and the very kind comments that we receive

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SHOCKING: 1 of 59 Million

Are You 1 of the 59 Million Planning to Buy This Year? I am in the business of real estate - but that number shocks me! Imagine one fourth of Americans are considering buying a home this year. That is a lot of mobility - and smart planning. It is planning the American Dream and planning for increase wealth not to mention having your own roof over your head. Maybe we should shout "Landlords beware - people are moving"! I don't know about that but think on it - why not be one of those who make 2017 the year of ownership. There is never a better time than the present. Today one of the lotteries has moved into the top 10 by amount of the jackpot. Buy a ticket and you might win. Buy a home - and you will win. So why are you waiting> Read more in today's article

Your First Home

It is the dream of many young couples to settle down and purchase their own piece of real estate – their first home. Sometimes a single person is following that path for their new home. Whether you are going solo or a couple beginning the adventure together, owning a home is a step toward improving your financial wealth. If your credit has been kept in order and you have enough money for a down payment, these are the next steps that you’ll need to take toward making that dream a reality.

Be realistic
First, you will need to be realistic about the budget you have to spend. You will want to be pre-approved for a mortgage so you know the amount that can be spent but recognize that does not mean you have to spend quite that much. You will have the mortgage to pay every month as well as essential bills and you will want money left to spend on things you enjoy. Narrow your search according to your personal budget while also planning for emergencies. Know that you are making a wise choice compared to paying always increasing and never-ending rent.

Make a list
Next, draw up a list of what you would like in your ideal home. You will need to find a place that can accommodate your situation as it is now, but you may also want to consider whatever your life plans and whether or not the home would be suitable in the future or if this home is a stepping block to something next.

Find a trusted real estate agent
It can be tempting to undertake the search for a new home by yourself and you may very well want to begin that search on the internet, but when you have it narrowed down a real estate professional will have the experience to help you find the right property to suit your needs. A professional real estate agent will have invaluable knowledge about the local area as you narrow down the options.

Property Offer
When you have found your dream property, it is time to write an offer and here the experience of your agent comes into play. Having an experienced agent negotiate on your behalf can save you thousands. In addition, you typically do not pay the agent- the seller does. Once a contract is in place, you will have the inspections done to protect your investment during an option period. You do not want to move into a new home and find some unexpected problems that could prove costly down the line. Your real estate professional will guide you through the remaining steps of going through Title and closing. Then the keys will be yours and you can move into your new home!

By Appointment Only

Access: A Key Component in Getting Your House SOLD! There are various ways to handle the selling of a home - read more about them in today's article. We like to use a Supra box which gives controlled access to your home. Members of the local real estate board (SABOR) have access codes and are supposed to book an appointment before showing your home. You have the right to set the time, days for showing and even the minimum amount of time prior to actually showing so that you can prepare. You also have the option to decline a particular showing request (say something like a holiday, a party or even someone at home ill). In most cases agents respect that rule and actually do make an appointment. Those that don't sometimes have to deal with more than they bargained for - like security alarms, the police and big dogs! The Supra also is a great security check as we can tell which REALTOR key opened the lock - and when. While no system is perfect, real estate professionals take great care in protecting you and your home. If there are other subjects yo would like me to address - or talk to you one on one about, just let me know

Moving into 'Buy Territory'

US Housing Market Is Moving into 'Buy Territory'! In some locations renting is cheaper than owning (real estate is local) but the swing is toward owning. In our local market - owning is the key. Paying your landlord's mortgage is not the road to wealth. Most of us have heard the term "building a nest egg" and certainly investing in the roof over your head is a great way to do that. You have to live someplace and tha place is best - for many reasons - when it is your own! Five years from now you may ask yourself the "why" question. "Why didn't I buy then because now rents are higher and it is five years later" or "why didn't I buy when I was five years younger"? Instead, why not look back five years from now and say "I am really glad I did that". Try it. Call me or your favorite REALTOR. In the meantime, checkout today's article

San Antonio Real Estate Blog Post #500 (pt 2)

Our video - with Soul

500th Blog Post Today

When I first started this blog I never really thought about the "how many posts" aspect. The closer we got to #500 the more I thought about doing something special for the occasion. Coincidentally, since January we have been developing and tweaking the new website. Today seems the perfect day to introduce it.

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Cost of Renting

Do You Know the Real Cost of Renting vs. Buying? [INFOGRAPHIC] The numbers may SHOCK you! Historically, what was a close call might have tipped in favor of renting but that is no longer true - especially in San Antonio. Ownership has its advantages for many, many reasons. If you review posts throughout this blog we often discuss those reasons. But that discussion is best in person. If you are ready to go for it and join the ranks of American Home Owners - CALL me (or send me an email and I'll call you). Checkout today's article

Civic Involvement

The Impact of Homeownership on Civic Involvement. Folks often talk about the financial benefits of owning a home, but the National Association of REALTORS took a look at a different perspective - civic responsibility. Seems reasonable to conclude that a homeowner looks to the neighborhood - not just the owned home - to keep up or improve the value of the home investment. When it is time to sell an appealing neighborhood is a great draw for potential buyers - a neighborhood that is rundown or tired looking has the opposite affect. Renters do not benefit in the same way. Renters also tend not to stay as long as a homeowner according to the statistics. So, the walk-away here is that ownership tends to encourage awareness and participation that benefits the local community. Maybe we can say "lov'n the neighborhood community". If you have not yet experience ownership maybe this could be your year. It is worth it. More in today's article

Rising Home Prices

The Great News About Rising Prices for Homeowners. So many times in this blog we have discussed wealth and equity and the benefits of owning home rather than paying rent (or your landlords mortgage). In today's article we discuss what homeowners are experiencing today - improved equity positions and opportunities to use that equity for all kinds of reasons - from education costs to investing again in a home that suits their needs now. It is really never to late to start. If you are not yet a homeowner or maybe some circumstances caused you to give up ownership and you will be starting fresh - go for it! Right - just go for it. First time or rebounding - go for it! We are here to help. And if you are not in my area and you just want to chat about buying a home - CALL - there is no charge and I may even be able to help you with a real estate professional in your area

Love and a Mortgage

First Comes Love… Then Comes Mortgage? National Association of REALTORS reporting says that married couples are dominating the first time home buyer category and I believe that it pretty much true given the power of double income. Checkout today's article. But whatever your circumstance - single man or single woman - you too can get in the homeowner circle and there are a lot of reasons to do so. There are folks who are unmarried also partnering to buy homes - again, the double income advantage and that may be another avenue for singles to get in. If you go that route, be sure you have all bases covered and it may be in your best interest to work with an attorney who can fill you in on the rules in your state - and/or write a partnership agreement. Your REALTOR cannot help you with that (unless maybe they are a licensed attorney as well). So - get out there - become an owner and make 2017 your year! If you are already a homeowner and are needing to change up or down now is a great time. I am as near as a phone

Valentine's Day

Buy Your Dream Home

3 Questions to Ask If You Want to Buy Your Dream Home. Those are the three basic questions that you want to ask yourself and answer as explained in today's article but I would like to expand on that a little. When making your home selection be sure to find one that "fits" (you know the feeling like when you find the right jeans or the right shoes). Seriously, if you feel great when you are in the home and the floor plan is right for your needs and the neighborhood feels comfortable - then go for it, you found a home. Of course your home is also an investment which you look toward bring you a financial return in the future, but unless you are looking at the home exclusively as an investment (think rental house here) - you want to be sure you will be happy there for however long you stay. How soon does it happen? No defined answer on that. Personally, I have bought the first house TWICE in my lifetime (imagine, love at first sight - twice!) - you may need to look at 5 or 10 houses. Use our website and search for the home that is right for you. If we can help. let us know.

Love Your Real Estate Pro

5 Reasons to Love Using A Real Estate Professional [INFOGRAPHIC] - OK, 5 reasons are in today's article - but there is a ton more. Maybe REALTORS make it look easy but that has a lot to do with training and experience. If it was that easy Texas State law would not require hundreds of hours of education and a number of additional education hours every two years! Don't normally go this way, but I am going to point you to pages on my website so you can have a quick look at all we do for you. They are on pages called Buyers Advantage and Sellers Advantage - be sure to scroll down the pages to get to the list. That list even makes me take a step back and think about it. Seriously, before I became a licensed REALTOR I had no idea! Anyway, here is the short list and again, check today's article for more.

Own - Don't Rent

How Important is Education

The Impact of Homeownership on Educational Achievement. In today's article you will find reference to the "National Association of Realtors recently released a study titled 'Social Benefits of Homeownership and Stable Housing.’" and the building of wealth and social status. Well, I can relate to NOT growing up in a family owned home. We were renters. Even as a kid I knew there was a difference - and I wanted something more. A year after striking out on my own, I bought my first home. It was THE handyman fixer-upper of all time. My father thought for sure I had gone over the edge - but you know what? About 13 years later it sold for 2 1/2 times what I paid for it. Ahhh - memories. This has been on our real estate site for some time and I have shared it here before - but for those who have not seen it... "We truly believe in the American vision - owning a home is a measure of success and a fundamental strategy to increase personal wealth. Buying or selling a home should be a pleasurable experience and our goal is to do our very best to make that happen." Let us help you make a dream into a reality

Stability & Wealth Creation

Homeownership Offers Stability & Wealth Creation. Of course - when it is "yours" you have more control of your environment (better living) and you build an equity investment improving your wealth. If you follow this blog for any amount of time, you have already seen this message - and that is - your are already paying a mortgage for your landlord and wouldn't it be better to pay your own. So, which will it be - 30 years of rent receipts and a payment due shortly or 30 years of mortgage payments with no payment due next month? GO FOR IT - start the seedling to success. How else will you know? And if you don't make it use the experience to find out what you need to do to change that. Today's article

Help Wanted

Buyers Are Searching For Your House! We need to get homes on the market to help the nations recovery and create jobs. That is a pretty big statement 'eh? It is the truth about real estate - the stronger the housing market, the more new homes being built - the better the job flow trickles down. When you sell your house and buy another many things happen. So, that is why the "help wanted" title. Read more about buyers looking for your house

Lack of Homes

Lack of Homes for Sale Slowing Down the Housing Market! We hear that almost daily. The law of supply and demand favors the sellers right now. So, if you want to sell - now would be a good time. But, unless you are selling a rent house or going rental or retirement community, the chances are you will be a buyer too. That means you will be facing the same lower inventory issues all the buyers are facing. Bottom line, if you want a new home now is good because prices will likely climb on the one you are buying too. Another option to consider is - building! Yes - build a brand new home with your choice of design and options! We also specialize in new homes and that is why we have the credentials to help our clients through the process. Check us out and check out today's article


Daydreaming About Your Perfect Home? Know What You WANT vs. What You NEED. OK - most of us do daydream about the perfect home. Sometimes it can be 30 rooms, 12 bathrooms, 3 kitchens, 6 dining areas, a cook, a maid and a butler. Then we snap out of it and do a reality check. Now, if there is anyone reading this who really wants an affordable $25 million dollar home. So, I was daydreaming there for a sec. Maybe a nice 3 or 4 bedroom, in a great community and close to whatever your needs are - that we can do. Right after you are pre-approved by the mortgage person of your choice. It gives us qualified shopping and away we go! We have posted previously about why that is important, so for now, just before you call me, have a look at today's article

Super Bowl Party

5 Reasons Homeowners Throw Better Super Bowl Parties! [INFOGRAPHIC] - OK, so I need to be honest. I never gave this a thought (shame on us for taking things for granted) - but the truth is, there are advantages to throwing a Super Bowl party - or any kind of part for that matter - in your own home. So, does anyone want to buy a home before the game? Today's article with those 5 reasons

Ground Hog

No Matter What the Groundhog Says, Here are 5 Reasons to Sell Before Spring! Maybe the last one on the list should be first - simply time to move on. Sometimes you get to that point and correction is necessary to move forward. The other 4 reasons to sell now are frosting on the cake. They are solid reasons for taking action and starting the process. It is all about taking that first step - the rest follows quickly as momentum builds. If you are ready to begin - we are ready to help. More in today's article - reach us at 210-757-0211

Demand vs Supply

Buyer Demand Is Outpacing the Supply of Homes for Sale. The ageless power struggle - how many there are and how many are wanted. If more are wanted than available, it sets the stage for sellers to ask more for the purchase price. While this topic is limited to houses, the principle is pretty much the same. As prices climb and interest rates do as well, monthly payments increase - or down payments increase - or you find yourself looking at buying less house. We have enjoyed great buying opportunities for longer than I thought the window would last. But nothing is static and the winds of change are here. If you would like to be an owner and not a renter, now is a real good time to give it a try. Today's article