Kiva - Helping the World

Well, I just added 2 more countries today. This brings the number of countries to 27 - and a bunch more to go.

When I first got involved with Kiva - through an offer to join the PayPal team - it was never about "countries", it was about giving loans to "people". Somehow, for me anyway, it evolved into continuing to make loans to people and also to see how many people in different countries around the world I could help. Why not have a little fun while hopefully doing some good - right?

The current list of countries is posted here and you can see there is more work for me to do. As loans are paid back, I'll look for new folks in need of some help.

Meanwhile, I am inviting you to join Kiva in making some loans today. You can start with an incredibly small amount of only $25 and make the loan to the person or group of your choice. There are hundreds to choose from. I encourage you to at least have a look at the Kiva program and decide for yourself. Some big companies support it - I joined through PayPal and today, PepsiCo matched my loan amount allowing me to make two loans instead of just one! Hope to see that you joined too! Thank you, Al