10 Steps to Buying a Home

If you have not yet bought a home of your own and this is the first time, these 10 steps will get you started. If you have "been there, done that" there might still be an advantage to a short review of the process. And, of course, you will want to reach out to your favorite real estate agent for help. Check out today's report - and start your home shopping here - San Antonio Homes.

Seniors 2020

Sharing another one of our non-real estate videos from San Antonio ONE today. Being a senior is a privilege - perhaps a reward for the achievements of a lifetime.

What a great time of life - and if you are in good health, what is stopping you from doing whatever you want to do? There is a Seniors eZine in the San Antonio ONE collection - and oh, so much more. Be sure to check out "Places" if you like to travel, "Around the House" for home ideas, and about 30 other subjects!

Ownership Your Reality in 2020

Have you thought about it? Perhaps your first home? new home? right-size home?

2020 could be your year if you want to make it so.

We even created a special domain link for the occasion: www.SanAntonio2020.Homes

And a video: San Antonio 2020 Homes Video

Everything has a "bottom line" and ours is simple. We want to help you make this year YOUR year!

In today's article, we look at 3 questions most often asked. Want to know more? Reach out today and let's talk about your situation.

1. How Can I Better Understand the Process, and How Much Can I Afford?

2. How Much Do I Need for a Down Payment?

3. Saving Takes Time: How to Practice Living on a Budget?

Raincoat for Dogs

Raincoat for Dogs - one more of our fun non-real estate videos. If you could click on "Follow" on our YouTube channel, the dogs and I would appreciate it. Follow the link to see the eZine dogs.sanantonio.one

Gardening Generations

Continuing with our non-real estate videos - this one looks at the joys of gardening. If you have been to the local big box stores or large grocery stores here in San Antonio during the last 2 weeks, chances are you have seen all the spring flowers for sale - and ready for your home or garden. Enjoy the video!

This video ends with acres of flowers - like tulips (tulips in San Antonio??) Unknown when making the video, today we share this story (click on the tulips):

Our Eco World

Hope you enjoy this video - we are continuing our occasional break from real estate… "Our Eco World" is from one of our other sites - San Antonio ONE - a collection of curations/publications on a variety of subjects – our world eco system being one of them. Check it out: www.SanAntonio.ONE (and be sure to subscribe)

Just a reminder to our email followers - in order to see the video click through to our site.

281 North - January 2020

A quick look at construction on 281 North this week. These photos are taken while standing in the Olive Garden parking lot. (Great lunchtime soup and salad! And, they have awesome staff.)

In a few years this "look" will be nothing but memories! We can look forward to improved traffic flow and better safety. Amazing progress has been made so far and I am looking forward to driving on the new pavement soon!

FREE App For You

I still have some of the 1000 free licenses to give away.

Check out this app (cost you nothing)... great resource when you need something done, a service, insurance, tracking the appliances and electronics you own. We have 148 vendors on board so far and (I REALLY like this part) - use your smart phone to snap a photo of your device and access the device manual - no more missing documents...

These 2 short videos shared in this post will help explain.... I have the app on my phone as a user too!
Download now: https://www.homekeepr.com/join/al-cannistra

More information: https://www.sanantoniorealestate.blog/p/home-pro.html

If you are not local, grab this app anyway - you can customize to your local vendors. Invite family and friends to download too - if we use up the 1000 licenses, I'll ask for more :-)

Best Buy Geek Squad

Again – we owe thanks to the Geek Squad at Best Buy Legacy!

Their responsiveness to an urgent need is amazing. My main drive crashed and I expected 4 to 7 days down time. Instead, I was given an early evening appointment (dinner time) and they were able to swap out the SSID, reload the operating system and get my machine going while I waited. AWESOME!

For the record, this transpired in early October – and shame on me for waiting so long to make this post. But – I got it done and you know I am still happy 90 days after the rescue and repair!😊

The guy who helped was Joe. He helped me about a year or so ago and was equally great to work with – the kind of guy who represents the Geek Squad very well. I cannot speak to all Best Buy Geek Squad locations, but Legacy is my go to resource for computer needs. I found out they also offer one on one training. If you need that kind of support, they are worth checking out. All in all, when you need computer services, think Best Buy and the Geek Squad – they are highly recommended and I hope you will agree.

Where No Man Has - ONE

Once in a while - a little fun. So, "Where No Man Has - ONE" is from one of our other sites - San Antonio ONE. It is a collection of eZine curations/publications on a variety of subjects - Space and Time being one of them. Check it out: www.SanAntonio.ONE (be sure to subscribe)

Direct:  http://space.sanantonio.one

Texas Property Tax Arbitration

I have updated https://www.texastaxarbitration.com and added additional information.

If you have not visited the site previously – it addresses property tax exemptions and the arbitration process (alternate dispute resolution).

I often hear comments about property taxes in Texas and I created the public service website for information purposes only. It can help you if you plan to dispute your tax bill. Since I am an Arbitrator for Texas, please do not contact me for further information or guidance. Use the links on the site and contact the appropriate Comptroller’s office as needed.

Why Buy a Home in 2020

Is this going to be your year?

There are compelling reasons to go for it - and we are here to help. There is no obligation or fee to call and talk about it. Let's go over your situation and explore the options.

Need a mortgage - check it out. Want to choose a home - this is the place (the one without all the ads) www.SanAntonio.Homes  I am Al - you can call me Al.

Our 2020 Wish For You

Whether it is your first home, moving up to a different home, relocating or right-sizing - we are here to help. Enjoy the video. www.SanAntonio.Homes