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If you are ready for a new way to search, a new way to call your agent, a new way to book a showing, a new way to list your home - visit our site www.SanAntonio.Homes - under "Search" click "Voice Search" - try the app. AI is here and it is going to get better! (That AI sometimes looks like AL - and, while Artificial Intelligence is developing rapidly, AL remains here for you too!)

If you do not have Alexa in your house, you are missing out on a lot of fun. Just last night I asked her to turn off the television. She said we don't have one. We argued (yeap, me and a machine argued). She won - I must call it a TV and THEN Alexa will turn it on or off.

Oh lordy! Here I go explaining again. AL does NOT stand for Alexa. AL is ME, your licensed human real estate professional. UGH!

60 is the new 85

Are Home Prices Softening or Are They Falling?

Sometimes, use of falling prices and softening prices get confused. Falling prices is pretty much self-descriptive, but softening prices simply means that home prices are not appreciating as fast as they were.

As an example, appreciation was running around 6% the last few years. Prices reached a point with that rate and have not rolled back. But, going forward, the rate of housing price appreciation is predicted by some to be only around 4 or 5% or "softening" from what they were. Returning to a more normal market is not a bad thing.

Real Estate Market Finally Getting Back to Normal?

So what is normal? As the supply side increases and demand is better fulfilled, price pressure drops. It does not mean prices roll back. It simply means prices are not appreciating as rapidly as they have been recently.

If you are a driver, experience has taught you that is you have been driving at 85 and suddenly slow down to 60, then 60 "feels" slow. 60 is not slow. A normal market is not "slow".

Competition Is Coming!

Housing market relief! As more homes come on the market and close the gap between housing inventory and buyers out there shopping, the market pressure adjusts. Not a bad thing to have a fairly balanced supply and demand - and a normal market.

Price Reductions

What is the impact of the recent rash of home price reductions?

Most price decrease are at the higher end and simply a market correction. In earlier posts, we mentioned that there was a "buyer market" in upper end homes. There were more homes for sale than buyers looking for them. That is a direct opposite of what we were seeing in the lesser priced market. As of now, there is still a shortage of homes and buyer demand cannot be met.

Human nature being what it is, folks were testing the market to see if they could get a higher price for their home - have a look at today's report and the example of the $300,000 home that really was not was worth $325,000 to begin with. The sky is not falling.

No housing bubble expected.

There is no crazy bubble forming. Things are very different than a decade ago. Home prices are actually BELOW value after adjusting for inflation (have a look into today's report and data provided by Corelogic.

Mortgage standards have been much tighter than a decade ago - foreclosures are far less. AND - homes are more affordable thanks to lower interest rates. No market is "perfect" but we are certainly in a good one right now.

2019 is looking good for home sales increasing.

That forecast is not to be taken lightly. Freddie, Fannie and the Mortgage Bankers association are looking for a good year in 2019. I hope you will join in and let the opportunity work for you.

The Future

Have your say in the future tomorrow will bring!


Growing pains? Time to move on from your first home?

It is really OK to admit that your starter home no longer fits your needs. We all start out with dreams and goals and, at the time, your purchase fulfilled your need - and now those needs have changed. It is a part of life - one constant is change.

Is your current home the best for you in your retirement years?

We all have to deal with change at various times in our lives - we cannot escape it. Perhaps you had a need for a large home, a luxury home, space that you no longer need - and many other reasons for living where you live now. But priorities change!

Maybe that extra space means empty rooms, more to clean and higher taxes to pay. Maybe the the executive luxury home is no longer needed because you do not entertain as you once did. Maybe the yard has become too much work - or too expensive to have maintained. Many things change - it is personal! But, you are living in an investment and have the opportunity to repurpose your savings and appreciation.

You have so many options - whether move to another climate or stay local with something smaller - or whether to buy a mobile home and hit the road for a few years - and any variation in between. You have options - the choices are yours!

Home values have recovered! Do you know how much your home has?

Got to love the automated systems that tell you what your home is worth. Their creators try hard - sometimes they get it right or at least close. This is especially an issue in Texas as we have non-disclosure.

What to do? You can hire an appraiser - or you can call in your friendly real estate professional. It is sort of like checking your bank balance!

NAR says it is a great time to sell. I agree!

There has been a housing inventory shortage for quite a while. That shortage impacts sales (not enough supply to meet demand).

It is still a seller's market but that will not last forever. Take a look at the opportunity - it just might work for you!

By the Numbers

Home Equity is like "money in the bank" - and you get to live there!

Build Family Wealth

Let rising home prices help you improve personal and family wealth. Check out this short video.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters - not something you just see on the news - it can affect any of us at any time. This is a very short video - some points to ponder when a natural disaster strikes.

CRS - Sellers Representation

CRS - Certified Residential Specialist - another level. If you are looking to sell your home, find out what a CRS can do for you!

CRS - Buyers Representation

CRS - Certified Residential Specialist - another level. If you are looking to buy a home, find out what a CRS can do for you!

What is a CRS?

Like many other careers, there are various levels or specialties that one can work to earn. CRS is a Certified Residential Specialist. This video gives a brief description. For more, call me and I'll be happy to explain.


Seems to be pretty solid - ALL generations have the desire to own their home. Rent works in some cases and for some reasons - I am renting right now. But, the bottom line - and not just in America - people of all ages - all generations - clearly prefer to call a home their own!

Pillow Fight

Those were the good old days!

If you have little ones now, remember - it is sort of a right of passage. I do not know anyone who never experienced a pillow fight at some time in their life. Some still do - as adults!

Home is a "feeling" - not a place - pillow fights and more! When you are ready for your new - or first - home, we are ready to help you. Even if you are not ready now, call and let's get to know one another. We do not send junk mail and we do not hound you to death. We will try to answer your questions.

If you are a regular subscriber, the video does not travel with the email. Visit the blog to see our videos!

Alternative Home Search and Financing

Looking for a foreclosure, government owned, auctions, and other alternative ways to find your home? While, in most cases, I cannot help you with these, I am open to sharing the resources to facilitate your search. If anything here works out for you, please let me know and share your experience. This blog is all about helping folks get a home of their own.

In no particular order:

Fannie Mae Homes HomePath.com

Fannie Mae Financing HomePath Financing

Freddie Mac Homes HomeSteps.com

Freddie Mac Special Offers

HomeSales.gov Search Homes

Auction.com Real Estate

Neighborhood Assistance Corp. of America Getting a Mortgage

As always, this information helps others only if it is working. If you find a broken link, please let me know.


Fannie Mae vs Freddie Mac Diffen


What is with this country these days?

This group of photos got my hand slapped by Facebook today! The almighty gods at FB scolded me for not being within their standards of nudity. WHAT? The holier-than-thou Puritanical attitude that prevails today is getting ridiculous. Boys will be boys (and girls will be girls) - they did not used to be ashamed of their bodies. They were not told to hide themselves.

What happens if someone posts a photo of a naked baby on a bear skin rug today? Facebook does not like such things? Why? There are many reasons for sharing such pictures far outside lust or porn.

It has gotten so ridiculous that today, you go to the changing room at the health club and see late teens covering themselves waist down with a towel while they slip off their gym shorts! They have never been in a school locker room? What is THAT like today? I have no clue about high school locker rooms today or the ladies locker rooms at schools or gyms. But I do know that if these kids later join the military, they will be very unprepared!

I have traveled the world. In many places, locker rooms are co-ed - and NO ONE CARES! Admittedly, that was a challenge for me to get used to (I am an American after all) - but, I got over it. When in Rome.... actually, I think it was Germany - the first time!

OK - so this post is highly unusual for me - perhaps the first real RANT but.......

20 Loans - 19 Countries

I have written about Kiva previously. Today (well, actually yesterday) was 2 years with their program thanks to PayPal. If you have not had a chance to check it out yet, please do.

Did 2 more loans today to folks in 2 more countries - up to 20 loans and 19 countries (including one in the USA). The fun is helping someone help themselves! You can get started building your portfolio with as little as $25.

I am working toward their Ambassadors level to take this up a notch - joining through the link here will help that effort. Nothing in it for me financially, but as I understand the program - they will help make more loans available to folks in need.

Thanks for reading!