Wednesday, July 17, 2019

You Need This App

I don’t believe that I have ever headlined with a “you need this” before – but seriously folks – have a look at this app – and it is free. They gave me a bunch of licenses to give away.

Whether you are a home owner or a renter - this is important for you.

So – first, watch the short video. then, some of the things I think are really cool – you buy something like a refrigerator, scan it and – you have the item in your home inventory “just in case”, you have quick and easy access to the appliance manual if you need it and if it is a device with suggested maintenance you’ll get reminders. You will also get other reminders – like I got one today to check my fire extinguishers and make sure they are in working order. How great is that.

A couple times a year I think they send you a greeting from me. This is not something I abuse because I hate spam and I think you lose business that way. So much for that.

Oh, one other – on the cool side. We have uploaded various business that we have used or have been recommended – so if something breaks or gets cranky, just check the available. AND – the app allows you to customize your own. You can add businesses you like or frequent and if you want to recommend them for everyone, send me a note and I’ll do that.

Hope to see you there soon. Here is the app:

PS: If you are not in the San Antonio area, go ahead anyway, you will just need to put in your own favorite local resources. All the other benefits are worth it!

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