Blog Post 1000

Yes folks, this is our 1000th post to this blog! Thank you to all who follow us by email or RSS feed. You are most appreciated. If you enjoy our posts and find the information useful, please share or invite family and friends to join.

I have spent the last couple of months trying to decide what would make a good post for #1000. There were a few options but there can be only one post. The others are not eliminated, they are just delayed as we wait for more information. We'll get them on board in the weeks or months ahead.

So, about today's post - it is to share our newest blog with you. This one is up and running about 3 weeks now. Welcome to San Antonio Homes Blog. Occasionally, we may share the same content, but for the most part it will be different. Future posts will evolve as we receive feedback on both.

Check it out and see what you think. And, don't forget to follow us.