Mission - Sitterle, Willis Ranch

As mentioned in yesterday's post, Builder Boost San Antonio asked us to go on a Mission to tell you more about a new home community. Today, I visited that community - Sitterle Homes at Willis Ranch. Peggy Kotara is their on site Sales Professional and she joins us in today's video tour. Willis Ranch is located in a great area off Borgfeld Rd near 281 just North of San Antonio and has much to offer - including lower property tax and great schools. Sitterle is one of San Antonio's best builders and has a great reputation and high customer satisfaction. I live a short distance from Willis Ranch and would be happy to make an appointment with you to meet Peggy and see these homes and what this community has to offer you. I would also be very happy to represent you should you decide to buy a home. New homes are a specialty (check out my credentials for new home construction). Contact me if I can help you.

On A Mission 10-31-19

I was chosen as a New Home Expert by Builder Boost San Antonio to tell you all more about new home communities.

This Thursday I am visiting.... Willis Ranch with Sitterle Homes.

What would you like to know about this community or builder?

Anybody want to meet me there around 10:30? REALTORS welcome too.

I'll post more after the visit. AND - if my video skills work out well, be sure to look for a video.

Want a New Home by the End of the Year?


Yes, if you act quickly you can still get in your new home by the end of the year. AND, if you are in your home before the new year, you can file for a homestead exemption exemption. How good is that! Reduce your taxes early on.

Seriously, if you want to get into your first home - or a new home - let's get together and get it done. In the mood to shop for a home in private 24/7 - check us out at SanAntonio.Homes. If you are not already pre-approved for a mortgage, reach out to me and let's get that done first. Call me AL 210-757-0211

Why Homeownership Matters

A means to an end! We are going to start in reverse - instead of talking about benefits in the early years, let's look at the benefits at retirement. No matter what your age right now, retirement is hopefully something you will get to one day!

So - What Matters? If you have been renting, you will have at best a stack of rent receipts. (I have shared this before... I remember one of my uncles coming into the family dining room with 2 huge stacks of rent receipts - 23 years of rent receipts). And, if you have rent receipts, next month you can look forward to another one.

Suppose you bought a home of your own. That is not unlike having a forced savings plan. At retirement you can look forward to having an investment - hopefully a paid up investment but either way - a tangible value that is yours. You can retire in place, downsize, relocate - whatever you want to do. Way better than rent receipts - and if it is paid off then no mortgage payment next month! Read about net worth.

There are a lifetime of benefits related to homeownership. Not the least of which is - the home is yours! You have way more freedom than a renter.

Benefits like privacy, fixed payments, pride of ownership, education, civic and even health - homeownership. Check it out.

Just to the left is a chart of benefits. Think about the rewards of homeownership. They are there for you.

Discard the belief that you need 20% down. If you have not yet applied or recently applied - forget what you heard about required credit scores. Check it out with a mortgage professional and get today's answer. If you do not already have a mortgage professional, you can apply on line or call me for other mortgage professionals that you can contact.

You won't know if you do not try. And, if there is a problem you will find out and see what has to be done to fix it. Check out the reasons to own your own home. Reach out to me and let's get it done.

The Mortgage Process

Today's mortgage process is streamlined. In most cases you can apply on line from anywhere you choose.

Here is a short summary on how to proceed. If you would like to explore our mortgage company, just visit our mortgage page on San Antonio Homes. If we can help you or refer you to another mortgage loan officer, call or send us a message. We are always glad to help.

62% of Buyers Are Wrong

Are you in that 62%? Hopefully not - but today's mission is to change the world and the perception on down payments.

If you know someone who is hesitating buying their first home please share this message. Very simply - you do NOT need 20% down to buy a home!

There are all kinds of opportunities out there and the best way to begin is call a licensed real estate agent who can explain the home buying process, introduce you to some mortgage professionals and get you in your new home. You even have time to get you into your home home before the end of this year!

OK - start by having a look at today's article "62% of Buyers Are Wrong" - and then reach out to me and let's get it done!

Kiva - Helping the World

Well, I just added 2 more countries today. This brings the number of countries to 27 - and a bunch more to go.

When I first got involved with Kiva - through an offer to join the PayPal team - it was never about "countries", it was about giving loans to "people". Somehow, for me anyway, it evolved into continuing to make loans to people and also to see how many people in different countries around the world I could help. Why not have a little fun while hopefully doing some good - right?

The current list of countries is posted here and you can see there is more work for me to do. As loans are paid back, I'll look for new folks in need of some help.

Meanwhile, I am inviting you to join Kiva in making some loans today. You can start with an incredibly small amount of only $25 and make the loan to the person or group of your choice. There are hundreds to choose from. I encourage you to at least have a look at the Kiva program and decide for yourself. Some big companies support it - I joined through PayPal and today, PepsiCo matched my loan amount allowing me to make two loans instead of just one! Hope to see that you joined too! Thank you, Al

Why Get Pre-Approved First

For one, knowing how much you are pre-approved for gives you a level of confidence in making an offer on a home in that you are qualified to make that offer. And, it gives the seller a higher level of confidence in that you should be able to actually close the deal.

Why shop and look at homes and risk disappointment if you find one you like and cannot get a sufficient mortgage to make the purchase? If you are pre-approved, you shop with confidence and when you find the right home - you can go for it. The video is short - the information is important - and the reasons for getting pre-qualified are right on the money.

And now, if you are ready to shop, this is a good place: https://www.sanantonio.homes/

Home Prices Over 5 Years

Crystal ball time?

Not. These are the views of the experts looking forward for the next five years and where they think home prices may be headed. So maybe bookmark this page and check it out every year - to see how accurate their predictions are. In the meantime maybe buy a house and ride the wave upward!