Good news to share - with the reminder that real estate is local

If you would like to checkout the numbers for San Antonio - look here To read the report click here

Next Year? (it has arrived already - have you?)

It is an old decision made millions and millions of times. Better to buy now or wait? Sometimes waiting for the "right time" means it never happens. Right now rates are good and prices are good. They will likely go up - as will rent. No escape from that. So the question becomes - better to pay your own mortgage - or your landlords. Better to have an investment for you - or your landlord. The choice is yours. We are here to help you with your own investment. Check this out

You may have the best landlord in the world

And the landlord may love you. But down the road - where do you see your money bringing a return? Rent receipts are not collector's items. Well, if you are famous maybe - but for the majority they are simply a reminder that rent is do again next month. And up it goes

Time for your first

OK - first time for everybody - right? Have no fear. You will be glad you made the jump. Take the leap with a professional guiding you along the way. It's what we do and we will show you how to get there

FSBO - or not

We have posted on this subject before. Quite honestly, it is easy to say the post is self-serving (from the outside, I may draw a similar conclusion) but is the modern world of rules and regulations and the vast amount of issues that could surface, yes - a professional is the way to go. So whether you choose me - or someone else - think trained professional to help you! Here's some reasons why

The return of real estate

The number crunchers say 2015 was a good year for real estate as an investment. Now comes 2016. If you did not get in on the action last year - what will it take to do it this year - before higher prices and higher interest? You can read the report on the success of 2015