Monday, July 16, 2018

20% down!

Folks - this begins our new video series. We will be posting a new video on every even numbered day from now through August 18. Be sure to subscribe and visit often.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

BEST BUY (really is)

Actually, this article is about the Geek Squad – and, more specifically the one at 1604 and 281N in San Antonio.

Most of you who know me know that I have a high confidence level in managing my own technology needs as well as helping others. Fortunately, I know my limit and never let pride get in the way when seeking help. The details are not really important, but the need, the timing and the security was critical and that is why I chose Best Buy.

I called ahead and spoke to Reg. The store did not stock the item that I needed so I had it overnighted. I brought the desktop and the new SSD drive to the store. The swap and operating system installation was assigned to a tech named Joe. They got it done for me in the timeline that I needed. That was about 3 weeks ago and the system is operating perfectly. Aside from the trip to and from the store, no downtime at all.

So why are you reading about this in a real estate blog? It is a recommendation that you checkout the Geek Squad for your needs. They know what they are doing and the prices are right. I understand they have something like a “membership” which can cover up to 5 devices and there are great benefits included (I have already shared this information with a half dozen friends). Notice I am not detailing the cost or benefits as I am certain they are not static. Check it out!

By the way. My experience with Geek Squad is not limited to only the one I just described. I will share one more. I have an 80 year old friend in West Virginia. She lives alone and we needed to get her up and running for email and bill paying. She went to the local Best Buy store and they helped her select a computer suited to her needs. She also paid for the Geek Squad to install it and teach her how to use it. It was a good start – but a week later, they had to go out again and rescue her. They did without a complaint. Since then – she has done fine. If you need help, I found out they teach at the store as well.

Seriously folks, whether you are PC or Apple – visit these guys. I am glad I did. Thanks to Reg and Joe - you are appreciated. Best Buy really is - the best buy!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Is it Time to buy?

Is It Time for Your First Home?

Ready? Check out the chart. Set? Check out the chart again. Go! Call me and let’s get you your first home.

Renters Under 50 - and more - Want to Buy a Home!

Today must be National Chart Day or something. Again, I need to point you to the chart in today’s report (just click that link above). Lots of folks who rent now would like to buy if they could. Of the total group, the under 50 crowd of wannabes leads with the highest percentage. We help everyone if we can. Are you ready to find out today if you can qualify for a home mortgage?

What If I Wait to Buy a Home?

This year to next year… prices up! Interest up! Payments UP. Click the link to see the chart. Remember, as the upward trend continues, so does the monthly payment!

Summer Is a Great Time to Buy a Home!

If you follow this blog with some regularity, you know that no matter what the season, I am going to say it is a good time to buy. Because IT IS! That’s right – it is always a good time to buy and become a homeowner.

Why is that? Prices are trending up and so is interest. You have to live someplace – and it might as well be under your own roof. It is good to invest – invest in yourself with a home you OWN. Move on with your life – you are just not getting any younger so go for the adventure and have some fun!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Real Estate As An Investment

Best Investment Poll for 5th Year Running - Real Estate Tops It

Not only is real estate the #1 choice for best long-term investment – you can live in it! Cannot do that with the other investments. You can also invest in additional properties and rent them out effectively letting someone else pay the mortgage for you! Check out today’s report by clicking on the link just above.

Short of a war or stock market crash…

Worried about something catastrophic – like war or a total market meltdown? Of course, those are possibilities in our daily lives and it will not matter if you own or rent – you will be impacted! So why not own your home?

And, what happens if prices and interest rates keep climbing? If you buy now, you lock in your rate and your payment. You are ahead of the increase. Can the country sustain the higher prices and higher rates? Of course, we have before. The predictions are that we would return to the affordability norms of 1987 to 2004. What is holding you back? Call me Al.

Ready to Move Up to Your Dream Home?

If you are a regular follower, you already have read about why prices keep climbing. It is about supply and demand. There is no sign of demand slowing – or being met at this point. The expectation is that prices will continue to go up.

It you are thinking “dream home” – either as a move up or a first time buyer, now would be a good time to make the move. If you have a home and you are waiting for its value to increase so you can buy a higher priced home – while you wait, the higher priced home is going up more than yours! If you are downsizing, the math could work in your favor – provided the market stays as is.

If you are that first time buyer, waiting can cost you with a bigger mortgage payment! Alternatively, it means that you will be able to buy less house. Just take a look at our previous post about buying power or check the pages listed in the right column.

Presenting an Offer in Today’s Market

No secret that today’s market is a sellers’ market. That means when you find the home that is right for you – move quickly to make an offer. Hopefully, you are working with a real estate professional who can guide you in making an offer and negotiating the price. The best deal is a win-win for both sides. That is how dreams come true!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

This is a picture of my father from WW2. Today is his birthday. If he was still with us, he would be 100 today!