It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas

Well, if the colors did not get your attention, hopefully the post title did. Actually, Christmas is not THAT far away and it is a joyous time for many to celebrate! However you choose to recognize your December 25th, did you know that there is time to get you in a home of your own by then? Yes indeed - it can be done!

Take the first step... and call me AL (or check out my website) and see what homes are listed for sale

The Housing Market Today

There is actually a GREAT housing market right now! This is such an opportunity for the first timers to jump in or the those folks looking to move on up or retirees looking to regroup - whatever your reason - checkout this video and consider the options that may be right for you! Let's talk about it - it could be golden!

Renter Would Be Owner

You will never hear me say "everyone" would choose owning over renting, but there are a fair number of folks who are renting right now who would prefer to be owners. Which ever side you are on is fine - it is what is right for you that matters. This is a short video. If you know someone who might be helped by this information, please do share. Life is about sharing is it not? Thank you!

Non-disclosure State

What does it mean to be a non-disclosure state? The best answer to that was shared today by SABOR (The San Antonio Board of Realtors) and I am sharing it with you. Often the question comes up so here is the official answer and feel free to share if you like. Non-disclosure State

How High Do You Score?

Some folks think they cannot qualify for a mortgage and a house because their scores are too low. The question is - have you checked, recently? It is best to know your credit scores and what you are working with for a variety of reasons, not just to buy a house, but because credit scores impact every day life in many ways.

You can get free reports and scores several times during the year! Find out how right here on this blog:

If you would like some help to find out if you qualify for a mortgage, how much you can qualify for or what steps you need to take to get qualified, let's talk. Let's do it together!