What do those headlines mean? Really?

Knowledge is power and understanding what is really causing the value price index to rise and help you get the most for your home investment dollar. Check it out

Home Ownership lowest in 48 years! Why?

When I read that I was all set to jump over politicians and shooting blame. Then the rational me took over and I read this. Seems we are in a unique situation and in just a few short years our Millennials will be kick'n butt. Check out the facts

Hire a professional?

We live in a complex world full of many regulations and not without complications. A licensed real estate agent has the training to guide you, negotiate for you and minimize the stress of buying, selling and moving. If you have not interviewed and talked to one - maybe give it a try. If at first you don't succeed...... Meanwhile, checkout today's article

Bakery Lorraine

13 Destination Bakeries Across the U.S. - one of our own in San Antonio

Now IS the time to sell

The market is hot. Selling to move on? Selling to change living lifestyle? Selling to buy something new? Whatever your reason, check your local market and consider all the other things we have posted in the blog. More information to help you

Retirement with Homeownership

Years ago I remember my uncle coming into the family dining room with two stacks of receipts - each a few inches high. He had saved 23 years worth of rent receipts from his then landlord (there were other landlords before that). He was trying to make a point to the family - he had rent receipts - his landlord had the building. My uncle had no equity to fall back on - nothing. He had receipts. Getting to ownership may require sacrifices along the way but there are plenty of advantages. A home could also be your largest asset. See what you think - checkout this latest article


OK - so I am the proud owner of an iPad (original model) and an iPhone 6 (newest model) and hopefully one day, a MAC Air (Santa - are you listening). I also have a Samsung Chromebook for easy maintenance and lightweight travel. But I have been a desktop PC guy since the dawn of creation (my HP is over 6 years old as of July 3rd). Of all the tech companies to do business with, Apple is the best for quality and support. Last night I found myself in need of help - I am thinking maybe the 3rd time that I have needed Apple to rescue me - and that they did. Mind you, it was nothing simple and I first talked with a level 1 support person and then to a group leader or some such title (heck, if you are going to cause trouble, why not make it interesting - right?). Both were incredibly helpful and not only fixed the problem but explained the solution in terms I could clearly understand. No one asked me to buy a support contract, no one said that will be $$ before we can help you - nope, just there to help me make the connection from planet earth to the cloud in the way I needed it to work. Great company Apple. Thank you!

There may never be a better time

Today's opportunity may be lost forever. No one has a crystal ball and no one know for certain. But what of lost opportunity? Waiting and hoping for a better time as we move toward a recovery could me higher prices on homes and high interest rates. That combination could mean inability to buy or buying a lesser value home than you can qualify for now. Read more

They're Baaack

Let the good time begin. Folks went through a lot with the craziness of housing and all that happened. It is time for recovery and time to once again become a home owner. Ready?