Saturday, April 30, 2016

Really - you don't

You do not need 29% down. While you wait prices climb. Why wait? Check this out for more information

First time? Moving up? Downsizing?

And a hot market is a good time to make your move! Check this out

More on investment homes

Are you already holding properties or just beginning? More on investment properties

Ready for an investment home?

Looks like this is a good time to be an investor. Check it out

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Buyer demand is there

Time for sellers to give them the opportunity. It is about balance. Can we get there? Are you ready to make your next move? Take a look at what the market is doing

Save money - buy!

You have likely heard it before - you ARE paying a mortgage... your landlord's mortgage. Not only that - paying rent is actually more expensive that owning and you can read more about that to help you reach an informed decision

Homes wanted

No kidding! It is a tight market out there - more homes are needed for more buyers. Check this out

Appraisals in rising markets

Sure - it creates a challenge - but nothing that has not happened before. Maybe some bumps along the way but not a roadblock. Read up on it

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Vacation homes

Interesting market for buyers and sellers. Find out what's going on

Reasons people buy homes

I suppose we could ask what are the reasons for not doing it? Here are some reasons for buying

Are you one of these Americans

Or do you want to be? They plan to buy a home! Ready

Biting the bullet

and getting that down payment together can happen fast than you think. Check it out