Some things are best left to trained professionals. Some things in DIY mode can be stressful - even catastrophic. According to NAR statistics - clearly, the majority who go that route eventually seek the help of a professional once making the attempt. Read more - and then let us help you. It is simply what we do - we help folks.

What do all these stats mean?

Well, for one thing - they are a very broad look at the real estate market. For your area's best information - work with a real estate professional. Here are the stats

Selling your house - twice?

As if once is not enough! OK - so, let's get curious - why do you have to sell your house - twice

Did you know it is all about - local

Real estate is very local. Price changes in either direction or the percentage of change vary from region to region within the country, the state and even your local county and municipality. Of course we always recommend a real estate professional when buying or selling - but be informed too. Informed clients are the best ones to work with. Find out about home prices here - and of course on my website where you can check your local neighborhood

One certain reason to answer "why buy"

Sometimes I think I sounds like a broken record. But somethings never change. Pay 30 years of rent - and still owe next month. Pay 30 years on a mortgage - and the outcome is different. Which do you prefer

Pricing matters

There are different strategies for selling your home. If you are in no hurry and the market is strong plus trending upward, you can ask for a higher end price. If the market is not right or if timing is important, the strategy needs to consider the option of pricing lower than market. If your status changes and time becomes more of an issue never be afraid to make the right adjustment. You can read more on the subject

Tell me why - use a REALTOR.

There are many reasons - you can jump to my site and see a list and you can read about it here. Of course some folks manage a DIY sale; they are not the majority - just the opposite. When you are ready, call me - there is no obligation. I will do my best to answer your questions.

Nobody has a crystal ball - that works!

The bottom line is mortgage rates are cheap - really, really cheap. But not forever. You may wake up one day and find it is just too late to go back. Read more

Not everything is suitable to DIY

Many of us like to give "DIY" a fair chance - and on some things, that is not a bad idea or way to save money. But there are things that are more complex or have dangers or have a very large sum of money involved. There are reasons to use a professional - check it out


It is that time of the year - Halloween! But buying a home - any time of the year - should not be scary. REALTORS are trained professionals and do these buy or sell transactions so they can guide you along the way. Read more in today's bit of information - and call me or your favorite REALTOR so you can buy now - before prices climb!

Buy what you can afford

It is time for the Millennials for sure. That first house will always have a special place in life's memories - but do your best to make them good memories - don't over buy! It is easy to get talked "up" but, the truth is - there will be more opportunities depending on your future needs. Read more about Millennials now