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Sending your children to college can be a huge expense. One of the larger costs is housing.

One way to offset some of those cost is investing in real estate for them to live in while you invest in your child. There are a couple of options depending on your situation and preferences. You may want to look at a condo which has fewer maintenance issues or you may want to consider a home which may offer more space and the possibility of room rental to further reduce cost.

Either way, when school is finished, you have an investment property to sell instead of a stack of receipts.

Worksheet pdf example. For a working Excel spreadsheet that you can customize, please contact me.

Talk to your tax advisor for more information on the possibilities - and call me if I can help you find the home or condo that will work for you and your child.

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Smart Money..... Skip the Dorm, Buy Your Kid a Condo 

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