Buying a Home Can Be Scary

Buying a Home Can Be Scary Until You Know the Facts, the Costs and the Affordability Factor!

The truth is - people buy homes everyday! You can buy one too.

Over 70% of buyers put down LESS than 20% (really). Almost 80% of applications were APPROVED (we suggest advance approval BEFORE home shopping). Gets the FACTS in today's report.

And, while the AVERAGE credit scores recently were in the low 700's, keep in mind, that is the average - meaning many scores were much lower. And, keep in mind, the only way to GET APPROVED is to APPLY!

So many focus on the "price" of a home. Did you know the price is not the true cost of the home?

To better understand that, I am going to point you directly to today's article and the chart on purchasing power. We also have more on our page dedicated to purchasing power and it is worth a look!

Many times I am asked about AFFORDABILITY. The question is, can you afford not to?

Did you know that because of high rents, owning your own home might be cheaper! Yeah - read that again. Don't just believe in the myths surrounding homeownership - check it out.

You pay rent every month - right? If you don't you soon get thrown out. If you do, next month you get to do it again. And, next year - chances are it will be for a higher amount of rent.

BREAK THE CYCLE. If you WANT to own a home - then try for it. Plain and simple! Get pre-approved and start shopping. Want someone to take the journey with you? Call me and let's just do it.

One more reading assignment today. Check it out.