It may be tight, does not mean we can't find you one.

Markets are variable - sometimes in the favor of buyers - and other times, like now - in favor of the sellers. While home inventory is tight, it has improved and there are other options - such as new construction. Whatever your preference, lets chat and find you the right home. Read more about the market

It really is about trust.

But how to establish trust without bragging? Today, more than 90% of buyers and sellers check the internet first before ever contacting a real estate agent. That is why we make information public. Check us out in the social links - especcially on LinkedIn. Check out this page as well - and that trust is important to us for seniors and every generation we represent. Here is more to read on the subject

Is it getting easier?

Mortgage qualifications are not static - they change. Sometimes the market tightens and some times it is more relaxed. Best is talk to a professional and get Qualified in advance. Here are some current thoughts

30 years seems forever, but

Imagine yourself 30 years from now! Would you rather have rent receipts - or a paid up mortgage? Rent receipts are NOT collector's items - they do not increase in value. Real estate and homes on the otherhand...... If you are going to live the dream - why not start now. Whether it becomes your forever home or a stepping stone to another home - it is your investment in your future. It realy does work like that. Checkout todays post And checkout our special section for First Timers

Do you know your credit score?

Don't make the decision on your own. Let a professional determine if you can get a mortgage with your credit score. Check this out and call us. Let's begin together today!