Going UP

Home Prices Up 6.15% Across the Country! [INFOGRAPHIC] That is news everyone likes to hear. It is good new for sellers and investors and, yes even if you are looking to buy a home it's good for you too - prices going up is a sign that the market is healthy and the economy is moving along. The best situation is when price moves are moderate and in an upward direction. We don't want to see movement down or values decreasing and we don't want to see crazy upward moves either - a balance is good. Right now things are good and the timing to make your move is good. It is about value and costs. It is time to buy in and enjoy the increase in home values - and your wealth. It is good to do that now while costs (interest) are still fairly low. Check out the stats in today's article and then call me. Lets find your new home

Confidence is Soaring

Consumer Confidence in the Economy & Housing is Soaring! Looks like we have a growing consensus on the state of consumer confidence. It is on the rise and all good! A strong housing market will do well to serve the nation and fuel the economy. And the housing market is getting stronger every day. If you have not yet become a homeowner or are looking to buy something new - this is the right time. Pricing and interest opportunities are just not going to get any better. Have a look at today's article

Time for Luxury

Looking to Move-Up to a Luxury Home? Now’s the Time! It is all about opportunity! The best time to sell is when demand is high and supply is low. If you have been following our posts recently, we have addressed the housing shortage - or low supply of homes available for sale - quite a bit. That is simply because there are not enough homes to meet the demand of the buyers out there. It means if you are ready to move up, now may be the best opportunity to get the most from your present home to put down on your new home. We can show you how to do that! http://www.mysatexashomes.com/Luxury-Homes.html Meanwhile, checkout today's report

Millionaire to Millennials - Buy Now!

"If millennials don't buy a home, their chances of actually having any wealth in this country are little to none. The average homeowner to this day is 38 times wealthier than a renter." - is a quote from Self-made millionaire David Bach. Imagine 38 TIMES WEALTHIER. I believe this is the first time I am sharing this story going back to mt grandparents. We are talking the German side here - the homeowner side of the family. I recall both grandparents telling me they sacrificed everything to get their first home. Food budget was minimal (my mom and her siblings confirmed this) - no such thing as vacations or new furniture or anything else for that matter. They believed that once they got their home and settled in on the monthly payment amount, their earnings would increase but their payment, unlike rent, remained pretty much the same and gradually they got things they needed and life got better. They were happy not to pay rent - also known as somebody else's mortgage. Their values were solid and apply today for those willing to make sacrifices to get the first home. Once you have achieved that purchase of your first home you have crossed the bridge to increased wealth. Age does not matter that much - I have seen people of all ages buy their first home. I did that once! For more about why you should buy - and buy now - read today's article - then call me - let's do it

Imagine Homes

An added special to share with you today. We recently visited Imagine Homes at Monteverde in Cibolo Canyons. The location is the North Central part of San Antonio right near the JW Marriott. This is definitely a five-star community and one we would like to show you. If you are looking for energy efficieny - and green - add Imagine Homes to your must see list. Posting some photos below and for the first time, we are including a short video about the builder so you can hear their story. It is worth watching! New homes are our specialty - we are residential construction certified

Either Way You’re Paying

Renting or Buying… Either Way You’re Paying a Mortgage! And, some years from now - the next months rent will still be due - unless you break the cycle and buy a home. That first step into first time ownership can seem intimidating. That is why you want to go with a real estate professional - someone who can guide you along the way; someone with the right education for real estate, someone licensed by the State and someone with experience. Today, in a modern world of internet information it is easy to checkout an agent to help you buy that first house - and someday, perhaps to help you sell your first home and buy another. Owning is savings - owning is improved wealth - and owning is freedom. Ready to try it? Call me. And, more reading in today's article

The Low and The High

How Low Supply & High Demand Impacts the Real Estate Market [INFOGRAPHIC] - it is Saturday - sharing this one with you again - because it is so important to understanding the housing market (or some call it - the real estate market). More in today's article

Tower of the Americas

I took this photo yesterday, very late afternoon. We are traveling west on Commerce headed toward the tower. It is a view I have not seen before. Enjoy

10 Years Later

The Foreclosure Crisis: 10 Years Later! Memories - and fears - linger. Lives have changed. Lives remain impacted by the mortgage mess - of 10 years ago! Hard to believe "10 years ago" - but harder to believe that it was about 17 years ago that there was concern as we moved into the new millennia (but that is a subject for another article one day). Seriously, the foreclosure crisis is 10 years ago and part of our history. The economy is moving again, jobs are returning and once again we see that Americans are resilient. A home is a great place to live - want in? Call me, write me, email me. And, check out today's article for more

Del Webb

Yesterday, we also visited the Del Webb Hill Country Retreat - a great community for folks 55 and up - and, as I understand it, with some possibility at age 50. This was my first visit to a Del Webb community and found it has much to offer. The homes were comfortable, well designed and larger than expected. Don't pass this one by if you are looking for an adult community for your new home. I would be happy to show you these homes and represent you. Call and we can talk about the options. Some photos


Got to get these pictures on here. They are actually from yesterday's visit to the Fronterra community. We were guest of Perry Homes. If you are considering the North West part of town, we would like to show you Perry Homes and other builders who can create your new home!

Mortgage Rate Impact

What Are the Experts Saying about Mortgage Rates? It looks like the consensus is rates are on the rise. It also seems to be pretty much assumed that rate increase will have minimal impact on housing given the pent up demand and the millennial move. BUT - small word, big letters - that does not change the fact that either you will need more money down - or accept higher monthly payments - or you buy less house to compensate. It's about the bang for the buck and right now, the bang is bigger than when prices and rates move up. Now, if you are already a home owner and are thinking about selling but waiting for prices to rise - so do the prices on the homes you want to buy AND the longer the delay, the chances are the higher the interest rate. This is really THE time to move on it if you are planning to move! For more information, have a look at today's article

Rogers Ranch

Visited some builders today. We are going to share photos of Salado Canyon in Rogers Ranch, our featured builder is Sitterle Homes. We specialize in new homes and would welcome the opportunity to help you choose yours! It does not cost you anything - the builder pays us for bringing a client: http://www.mysatexashomes.com/New-Home-Builders.html Our photos start at the entrance to Rogers Ranch, the main drive, the entrance to Salado Canyon and the Sitterle model home.


It's a Seller's Market! Should I Downsize Now? The decision is a very personal one and one that varies by circumstance. Buy, some things to consider if you are thinking about that possibility. downsizing can lower time spent on upkeep and the cost associated with that upkeep. It typically means less stress. Consider that lower cost allows for more money for discretionary spending (travel for instance) or simply depositing the extra funds into savings for use in later years. In simple terms - it is about lifestyle - and it is yours to choose. If we can help you in making the decision or executing your plan, call on us. For more on this topic, read today's article

Buy This Spring

4 Great Reasons to Buy This Spring! There are perhaps many more reasons of your own to buy now, but here a four main reasons to buy your new home this spring. At the top - prices are going up. Followed by, interest rates are going up. So, either you pay more for the house you want - or you buy less house than you could have before those two things happened. Or, you wait thinking maybe - just maybe, prices and interest rates will come down. NOT happening in the immediate future - if at all. And what happens if you wait? You still need to live somewhere - so, you are paying rent. And, you delay the opportunity to move on with your life and to begin to increase your wealth. Ready to buy - just contact me and lets discuss it. Read more in today's report

The Winds of Change

Don’t Let Your Luck Run Out [INFOGRAPHIC] - Interest Rates Won't Be This Low For Long. Waiting until next year to buy could cost you thousands of dollars a year for the life of your mortgage! Think about that statement - thousands of dollars - gone! You know what it will cost you today in interest. You do not know what tomorrow will bring. The experts tell us the future is up. Read more in today's report


Which Homes Have Appreciated the Most? The word "Appreciation" has different uses. Here, were are talking about value, money, wealth and investment. Your home is an investment you can live in and enjoy while it's value increases. So which homes have increased in value the most? Have a look at today's article for those percentages. They are looking quite good no matter what your price point is. If you are looking to buy your first home or move to a new home, ring me up and we'll be glad to help

Housing Inventory Mismatch

A Tale of Two Markets: Inventory Mismatch Paints a More Detailed Picture. Historically, housing inventory at a 6 month supply is reasonable for a balanced housing market. A shift much in either direction creates a market favorable to either the buyer or the seller. Right now, there is a huge shortage of homes on the market and that means we are in a seller's market. Right now there are lots of folks out there looking to BUY! We just do not have enough homes listed to SELL. Are you thinking of selling? Read more in today's report

Should I Wait

Mortgage Interest Rates Went Up Again… Should I Wait to Buy? My answer - NO! We have been enjoying historically low interest rates for some time. Thins are in motion for change and if you wait, they may be higher than they are now. Will they suddenly skyrocket - unknown, but I doubt it. Will they continue to move up - that I think is a reasonable assumption. This is a great time to buy - home prices are going up - interest rates going up - so why wait? Waiting may cause you to miss the train. More in today's report

Selling for the Most

How to Get the Most Money When Selling Your Home. Price AT or just BELOW the current market. WOW! Did that scare you? There is theory behind that and you can check it out in today's article. It may sound a little scary to navigate but in today's market it can open the doors to a quick and perhaps even multiple offers. I was just chatting with a friend earlier this morning and she used that strategy this past weekend. She also has 6 offers - yes, 6 offers - on the listing today! Of course that will not happen each and every time but it does happen and sometimes there are even far more offers on a single property. As you guessed, it it local and it is market driven. Ready to sell? I am ready to help

New Home Hunt

Visited 2 great new communities in the North Central area of San Antonio today. The first was Hidden Canyon located near Canyon Golf and Stone Oak. The second was Canyon View located near Hardy Oak and Stone Oak. Both communities have some really awesome views - rain or shine. If you would like to look at some new homes I would be happy to show them to you.

649 hph

The Difference An Hour Makes! Every hour, 649 homes sell in the United States (649 hph). That is a huge number when you think about it. Your home could be one of them. For more information, take a look at the chart - how much the median home values go up - per hour; how many homes regain positive equity - per hour! And this weekend, when you are moving the clocks forward one hour think about the value of an hour of increased wealth from home ownership. Yes, you can live in it or you can buy one to rent - and increase wealth. Home ownership IS the American Dream - ready to start living it? Check out today's article

New Builder Homes

Builder Confidence Hits 11-Year High! That is great news - an indicator that housing is recovering and folks are out shopping. If you have followed our previous comments, there is actually a shortage of homes available on the market - so, yes - the builders should be in good shape going forward. We are a huge fan of NEW construction for many reasons. That is why we took additional classes for the RCC and CNHS certifications (Residential Construction Certification and the Certified New Home Specialist). If you have not seen it, check our videos - there is one from when my new home was built. There is nothing like a brand new home! If you would like to learn about the advantages, call me and let's review your needs. Meanwhile, checkout today's article

Time Change

Coming Sunday March 12 - don't forget to stay up until 2 AM to change the clocks :-)

New Homes Today

Today visited Willis Ranch - located about 1 mile west of Borgfeld and 281 North. It is a great new community and worth visiting. Our host today was Sitterle Homes. It was a little overcast and thankfully the heavy rain waited until this evening.

Attending today was a good friend of mine who is also a REALTOR, Andrea Nauschutz (hablo español)

If you are looking for a new home - or a resale home, either Andrea or I would be glad to help you.This is the model we toured today.

Spring Forward

Housing Market Expected to “Spring Forward”. Are you ready to spring with it? Seriously, the stream of buyers has remained steady. Buyers know that prices will rise and projections are that interest rates will too. Does that mean the housing market will fold and prices will come down? NO! Likely the opposite will happen and what that means is your cost for a home will go up or a buyer will be able to buy less house for the dollar. If you are a seller - chances are you are also a buyer. If you wait to make your move - you are impacted as a buyer. Maybe you will get a little more by waiting to sell - but then you will be paying more when you buy and risking a higher interest rate by delaying! Those are the issues facing all buyers. The market is good now. It will be better if we get more homes on the market for sale. Are you ready? Read more in today's article

Wealth Connection

Do it TODAY!

Seriously - Thinking of Selling? Do it TODAY!! For so many years we all watched a poor housing market and hoped for a return to solid growth in a growing economy. Well, we have it! Consumer confidence has returned and the market is strong - and growing. Folks are out there buying but the problem is there are not enough houses listed on the market to fulfill the need. If you are thinking about selling and moving to something new - now is good! For more, check out today's article

The Connection

The Connection Between Home Prices & Family Wealth! Let's suppose you put $20,000 in savings in a bank account or other investment program of your choice. You will likely earn some interest on that money (hopefully) but the amount you earn is based on the amount you invest. Now, let's suppose you invest that same amount of money into a home valued at $200,000. You have either a roof over your head or an investment property to rent out AND you earn appreciation on the $200,000 not just your $20,000. Let's assume you were able to earn 3% on your $20,000 - that would be $600. Let's assume homes appreciate at only 3% - you would earn $6000 on the $200,000 home. Other things to consider - the $600 is taxable; the $6000 is appreciation. The $6000 is a benefit of having a roof over your head and not paying your landlord's mortgage. And that is how wealth for your family - or even for yourself if you are single - increases. Read more in today's article

Americans On The Move

Where Did Americans Move in 2016? Check out today's article and chart for the "moving ins" and the "moving outs" by state. Y'all are welcome to move here to Texas and we would welcome you to San Antonio!

Going Up?

Mortgage Rates Impact on 2017 Home Values. Well, we can expect rates will move up. How much and how fast is uncertain. We have already shared that the increase will impact how much house can be bought for the same money down and same monthly payment and now time to look at what rate increases mean to appreciation. We leave that to the experts as summarized in today's article but it looks like 5% - 6% would be the biggest impact and of course significant increases would impact buyers and possibly slow demand. So, bottom line - again - no better time than the present if it is time for you to move - first time buyer or repeat buyer - the rates and the prices are good now! Are you ready


Over Half of All Buyers Are Surprised by Closing Costs! Sometimes I think "Buying a Home" should be a required high school course. Seriously, owning a home is The American Dream so why not help the young prepare for that goal - their own dream home? The course could encourage planning, saving and caring for a home so we raise a new generation of owners. The young may come from generations of folks who are home owners or those who have been renters. It is an opportunity for education. Not unlike those who come from families who have never had a college grad - or possibly, not a high school grad in the family it is an opportunity for change. If you are a first time buyer and you need someone to guide you through the process and prepare you, we are here. Have a look at today's article for more on this topic