It's an endless circle

called Supply and Demand - and together they affect home prices. But that is not unusual - you have seen that in many other areas perhaps the most talked about is gas prices. Find out more about real estate prices

Don't be late

These low rates are around longer than I had expected - but, nothing last forever! At some point they will rise and hopefully not like the historic 80's! As rates rise, buying power drops and that means less house for your dollar. Don't be late

Creating wealth

Time and time again real estate has proven a viable way to increase wealth. Lots of information on the internet about that. Here is a place to read more about it

Sometimes called "the empty nest"

But life goes on and changes comes with it. Many of the younger generation are beginning to set up a household and finding their way to the American Dream. That changes the playing field. Read more about it

How fast do you want to sell?

Homes are moving fast in areas around the country - some more than others. Much has to do with the pricing - your local Realtor can best advise you on the market in your area and how best to price depending on your wishes. Price too high and the movement slows. Read more about homes selling now

What about Texas

People are moving here - for many reasons. We like to think San Antonio is a good choice when making that move. Here is information about relocation to Texas and have a look to see where people are moving

Millennials don't give a poopoo

Says who? That is kind of a slap in the face to millennials don't you think? It is the American Dream to own your own home and I have not seen a trend away from wanting to own your own nest. Read more

You bet that appraisal matters

If it does not and you are applying for a mortgage, there could be a problem to solve! Read more about appraisals

We have heard the groundhog

But either way it went, now is a great time to sell and buy the next one. So why sell now

Does owning a home make sense?

We think so