Home Sales Today

Lack of Existing Home Sales Inventory Impacting Sales. How many times have we heard "it is about the supply and demand"? Right now, the supply falls short of the demand and the market engine is not running smoothly. Getting it all into balance is not an easy task. We experience buyers markets and sellers markets. But an alternative is new construction. I enjoy showing my clients what the new home experience is all about. I have done it personally - and loved it. Read about the inventory to sales story

Housing Forecast

Home Sales Expected to Increase Nicely in 2017. The experts are telling us that 2017 will be a good year. We certainly hope that the trend for increased home sales and new opportunities to increase personal and family wealth continue. What, in my opinion, is likely to happen is an increase in interest rates. The combination of higher prices and increased interest cost means either increasing the amount of money down or look at higher monthly payments or buying less house. Take a look at how they see 2017

REALTOR you trust!

Why We All Need A ‘Phil Dunphy’ On Our Side. There are many reasons not to navigate the purchase or sale of a home without a professional at your side. So many things we do today fall out of the DIY realm because there are complex issues that a professional is best suited to handle. That is why Trust is priority #1 for us. Your trust is what matters most. Read more in today's article

US Housing Market

US Housing Market Moving Further into ‘Buy Territory’ - are you ready to buy in? There are so many reasons to be a homeowner and paying your own mortgage rather than paying the monthly one someone else's mortgage. Time and time again owning has increase wealth. Let's talk about it. More on today's story