SELL - It Is Spring

Some Reasons to Sell This Spring!

Fresh air, sunshine, spring rains bringing new flowers – no, those are not the reasons but spring is a feel good time of year for many people. It is like a new awakening and vibrance.

However, back to real estate – spring, especially this spring, is a strong home market with plenty of folks out shopping for their new home. How about you – have you been thinking about your next (or maybe first) home? There are not enough homes on the market - if you are the seller, there is less competition for now. Buyers have less to choose from and that is called a sellers’ market.

The process of selling should be pretty much straightforward at this time of year. If you are buying, you want to be sure you are pre-approved to make the process as simple as possible for you too. Once you are pre-approved – time to get going. This is a market opportunity not to be missed! Beat rising home prices and increasing interest rates!

How Much Equity You Have in Your Home?

We have mentioned this in earlier articles – but if you already own a home, you may be surprised to find how much equity you have accumulated. Many who went negative have recovered and then some! It is an opportunity to move up! Look at the numbers in the article (link above) – then call and find out where your home value is right now. That equity can be your investment in your new home.

Are You Thinking of Selling Your Home?

Get ready for competition. Not only from existing homes going on the market, but builders are pulling more new construction permits and new homes are tough competition. If you are a seller, again, if you want to move on – sooner on the market starts the move to your new home. If you are a buyer, just a reminder – home prices are going up. This applies to existing homes and new builder construction. It cost more to build today! Do not take that negatively – there are many advantages to a new home!

Finally, the BIG ONE to consider – whether you are a first time buyer or a homeowner looking to make a change – watch interest rates. The consensus is they are moving up. The reality – we will all adjust. However, if you can get in earlier – you can save money or buy more house!

Demand Still Outpacing the Supply of Homes

How long have we been hearing that there are not enough homes available for sale? There are more buyers out there then there are sellers. That is a problem. There is a state buyer traffic chart in the linked article. Check it out. Texas is strong. Buyers are ready if you want to sell and you price it right.

Moving up MORE Affordable Now Than Almost Any Other Time in 40 Years

So what happens if you sell and there is a shortage of homes on the market? There are more upscale homes available to choose from. It is the starter or lower priced homes that are the shortest in supply. You can also build your new home. It can be your dream home – a home built with your choices. If you work with an agent with new construction credentials and a builder with a good reputation, everyone can work and plan together to make your dream a reality.

Now’s the Time to Fulfill Your Dreams of a Luxury Home

What is a dream home? It is the home you have always wanted to live in. It is the home that is right for you and your lifestyle. It is the hope and dream of living and enjoying your home as you wish – with all the options of your choosing. You can do it!

As mentioned above, there is a greater number of higher priced homes on the market and that means more to choose from. On the other hand, you can build your dream home and get even closer to the home with everything you want! A real estate professional – especially one with new construction background – can help you achieve your goal. And, the builder pays us – it cost you nothing. Call and let’s talk about that.

Tips for Preparing Your Home for Sale This Spring

If you are going to sell your home – there is a “to do” list. The link above will take you to that list. These are the basics – your real estate professional can further guide you.

Why do all these things? Very simply to get you the most money for your present home. List with a licensed professional to best help you do that.

To Rent or To Buy

Would Now Be a Good Time to Rent?

HOLY SMOKES – now is NOT a good time to rent. Click on the link above and have a look at the attached report – especially the rent graph from 1988 forward. Constant up!

Just a thought – buy your home today and look at your payment in 5 years. Or rent from someone and look at your payment in 5 years. Try is at 10, 20 or 30 years and see which one went up how high.

Oh, one more thing – if you got to 30 years your mortgage payments stop. Uhmm – chances are the landlord will still be expecting next month’s rent.

80% of Renters Believe In Their American Dream

Don’t get me wrong – sometimes renting makes sense. Perhaps there is a hidden reason, a short term or even a special goal. If you are a regular follower, you know that I am renting right now. However, the majority of renters want to live the dream. Homeownership is the American Dream.

Sometimes folks hold back because of incorrect information or fear that they cannot do it. If you really want to own – call me – let’s talk about it. There is no shame in trying. Who knows, you might get to live the dream.

Some Reasons Spring is a Great Time to Buy a Home

Spring! What a great time of year. New colors, fresh air, sunshine – the beginning of something new. It is also a great time to move forward on the road to homeownership or a move up – or, if it is time, a move to downsize. Whatever is right for you at this time in your life – go for it!

If you are buying the first time or moving up – spring is good as prices are going up! Spring is good as interest rates are forecasted to move up this year. So, you want to beat the rush and the added cost? Now is good.

The Interest Cost of Waiting

Why move forward now? Have a look at the chart and click on the above link for more comments. Waiting is going to cost money. The playing field is changing. Get a jump on it today.

What You Need to Know About The Mortgage Process

How complicated is it to get a mortgage? It is not that bad at all. You work with a professional who understands and can explain all those forms. You will get to sign your name a few times – alright, more than a few times – but not bad considering you sign your name and you get a house!

Just remember – stick to your budget and consult the pros. There is absolutely no need to spend more than you need to or more than you are able. Start with the pros BEFORE you shop for a house. Then you will know what price range to look for. It is a better way to go!

Homes Priced Right Or Bubble Coming?

Housing Bubble - But Not Before 2024

The experts, the folks paid to study and analyze and number crunch, report that there are no direct or indirect signs of coming trouble. After the last bubble and the pain that followed, it is reasonable to assume the experts will be watching and analyzing even more than they might have before that bubble.

So, what are they saying? Prices going UP! Prices going up through 2024 before there MIGHT be an issue. That is a lot of room to move UP. Are you prepared to ride the wave toward upward wealth? Alternatively, would you prefer to pay ever-increasing rent prices while you help your landlord build wealth? I suppose even if a bubble happens in 2024, your landlord will be in a better equity position than his renters. Ya think?

Are Home Values Overinflated?

“If the housing bubble and bust had not happened, and home values had instead appreciated at a steady pace, the median home value would be higher than its current value.” WOW! Think about that.

Actually, it looks like we have crawled back to where we ought to be.

Home Prices - 5 Year Difference

The recovery from 2012 to 2017 shows confidence. Real estate has long been a sound investment. Of course, there are ups and downs. It is a free market and ours is capitalism. Once again, real estate has returned and values have returned. Even folks who were upside down and lost their homes are recovering and returning to homeownership. National home equity has recovered. And, America looks to a brighter future – and the American Dream.

Are you on board?

Down Payment Holding You Back?

Save for a Down Payment Faster Than You Think!

All good things are worth saving for! It becomes a matter of determination and sacrifice. It is not really that much of a hardship to make some sacrifices knowing what is waiting for you at the other end. I suppose we could say that about many things in life’s journey.

Back to getting your own home – skipping some unnecessary expenditures or reducing the amount of money spent can make a huge difference. Perhaps begin with a first look at total income. Then make a budget and set a goal. Maybe consider an extra part time job or overtime hours. Small amounts of money can quickly add up!

Another way to go – and we have written about this previously – if you are a couple, some skip the big expensive wedding (and that can get you a huge jump-start). Others go for a lower profile wedding. Alternatively, they might skip the honeymoon for the time being and do that later (exactly what one of my cousins did – and they “married” again (retook their vows) and then went on a honeymoon).

You need how much? Explore the options! Talk with professionals. You may not need as much money down as you think. The sooner you buy and become an owner, the sooner your life changes!

Use Your Refund to Jump Start Your Down Payment Savings!

Another way to get a jump on the down payment for your own home is to not spend that income tax refund. Forget the onetime splurge. Add the refund to your down payment fund and get that much closer to owning your own home!

Begin to increase your wealth – with a home of your own.

$1.51 Per Hour

What Difference Can An Hour Make This Spring

No, this article is not about minimum wage. But in this case, $1.51 an hour matters - a lot. That is how much the median home price increases. If you multiply that times 24 hours in a day, that is $36.34 per day. It is $1087.20 in a 30 day month and, oh boy, think about that in a 365 day year! Have a look at the rest of the hourly statistics. A home is your investment - one you can live in! Ready? San Antonio Homes

It Is About To Change

Housing Expected To “Spring Forward” With An Inventory Change

You can still beat the rush, but time is growing short! We have been encouraging folks to list their home in order to get ahead of the spring rush - to get listed ahead of the competition. Buyers are out there now. The supply of homes is much lower than needed for the market right now.

It is a great time to get started. Sell your home now and move on to the next adventure! Checkout the inventory of available homes and compare your home to the ones for sale in your market to see what the competition is like: (hint - good place to check out your next home too!)

Thoughts On Buying A Home

We created a short video simply sharing some thoughts on homeownership. It is only 2 and one half minutes long. We hope you enjoy it and will share it if you know someone that it might help. If you would like to see homes for sale on the San Antonio MLS, visit our site San Antonio Homes. If you would like to see brand new homes, that is one of our specialties - just call and let's do it!

Spring RUSH

Some Reasons to Sell This Spring

Spring happens on March 20th. Better weather, spring blossoms, and more green! YEAH! In our previous post, we suggested that now is a great time to list your home - ahead of spring. There is still time to get that done and get ahead of the competition (which, by the way means you can get out and shop for your new home earlier too!). If that opportunity does not work out for you, there is still time to get listed during spring and get ahead of the summer rush. The chart gives you some of the reasons and if you call me, we can talk through them and your ideas as well. Be sure to click on the link above to see the full article.

Housing Market Says Sell Now

Housing Inventory Crunch Continues… List Today!

Demand is very strong right now. For months, we have been reporting a shortage of homes available for purchase. New homes – resale homes – does not matter, demand surpasses supply! It is definitely a sellers’ market – with the exception of luxury high-end homes where the supply – demand favors the buyers right now.

If you own a starter home and are thinking of moving up to your next home, now is your time! The biggest out of balance is a shortage of starter homes. You may never have a better opportunity to move up or move on. Have a look at the more detailed report for further information on the housing shortage by category. Time to list!

A Reason to Sell Now Before Spring

That inventory supply traditionally changes as we move into spring. March and April will see a shift to more resale homes available. That means more competition for those wanting to sell and move on. Why wait until the competition heats up. Jump in the market now and beat the rush!

Over 700,000 Homes Regained Equity in the Past 12 Months!

Have you gotten a professional opinion on your homes present value? Many folks are surprised to find that their home has gained equity and could provide a good stepping-stone to a new larger or upscale home. Check the report to get an idea of just how many homeowners are in positive equity. If you need help, please call me.

Mortgage Rates are on FIRE! What about Home Prices?

I suppose most of us would assume that as mortgage rates climb, housing would fall. Sounds logical doesn’t it. The experts are predicting somewhere around a 1% rate increase by the end of the year. If you have been rate watching the last few weeks, you have seen a small but steady increase. So where is the market going?

There is good news from the folks who crunch all the numbers and compare statistics over the years. They have analyzed the impact of rate movement and I am just going with a quote here to get it exactly right....

“Mortgage rates have risen 1% or more ten times in the last 43 years, with little impact on home sales and prices when the economy was also strong…Historically, rising confidence, solid job growth, and higher wages have more than offset reduced demand for housing resulting from higher mortgage rates.”

That surprised me – pleasantly! The take-away is we are still short on available inventory and we can expect buyers to be out in force. Ready to list now?

Get the Most Money from The Sale of Your Home

Who does not want to get the most money possible from the sale of your home? I have not met that person yet. The best way to do that is work with a trained professional and listen to their advice and console.

Statistically going it alone (FSBO – For Sale By Owner) returns less than the seller would get by working with a REALTOR. Pricing it right is important to get noticed, but price too low and lose money.

Then consider the psychology of the transaction – the FSBO buyer KNOWS you are avoiding professional fees by going it on your own and that buyer will expect you to SHARE that money. So what happens, you do all the work, you take on the risks and the buyer wants at least half. Something like 80-90% of those trying FSBO eventually, go to a REALTOR – so why not get the jump on it and let a professional handle the details. There is more detail on this – just check the link above to view the report.

NAR Data Suggests Now Is a Great Time to Sell!

NAR (National Association of REALTORS) monitors real estate transactions across the nation. Their analysis suggest LIST NOW – for many of the reasons we have already shared. This is one report you do not want to miss. Click on the link about and check it out.

Buying or Selling? Here are 5 Reasons to Hire a Pro

We always recommend using a professional for your real estate transactions – both sides, buying or selling! If you are a regular follower, you know I am preaching what I have already done. I always worked with a professional before becoming a trained and licensed agent. I have tired somethings as DIY – plumbing was one of them. Yeap! I TRIED all right and then I turned off the water so the house would not flood – and I called a plumber!

Some years ago, Florida REALTORS organized and prepared a list of all the things agents do for you. The list was about 200 items! There is many things happening in a transaction and our goal is to make them happen as smoothly as possible for you.

The Sky is not Falling - Neither is Real Estate Falling Apart

There are bulls and bears in the stock market. There are the same in real estate. Some have gone as far as to suggest another bubble. Nevertheless, the vast majority who analyze the numbers say it is not so. I am not one of those experts, but from what I see day-to-day, it is not happening. Rules are in place for a stronger mortgage system and prices are not rising as they did when it all blew.

I think we will continue to see reasonable appreciation and increased mortgage rates. I see a healthy market. And, after reading all this, I hope you agree, now is a great time to list your home and find a new one that is right for you.