The American Dream

It is with great pleasure that I share this one with you today - it hits "home" so to speak. From the front page of my website.... "We truly believe in the American vision - owning a home is a measure of success and a fundamental strategy to increase personal wealth." Click thru on this link and you can request the latest edition of the new eGuide for buyers or sellers. No pushy sales calls or email after email - I am here when you need me to be!

First Time Homebuyers

One of our favorites is helping the first time buyer. So much to learn and a dream coming true! Call us and lets talk through it. For starters, read here

The Right REALTOR and the Right Mortgage Officer

Working with the right combination of professionals gives the best opportunity for success. Not all situations are doable but many times with some direction and a plan with a goal can lead to a bright future. Never say never - check it out

Mortgage Rates Definitely Affect Home Sales

Whether new or resale home - how much a buyer can afford is impacted by how much interest a buyer has to pay. As rates increase, it could mean the buyer must purchase a lesser priced home or may not qualify at all. Read more

Mortgage Rates Crystal Ball

I wish I had an accurate crystal ball and access to where rates are going. Just my opinion but rates are artificially low and cannot remain so forever. Read more about it


Most of my home is now LED - an expensive 2 year project - and worth it. The lighting is great and so are the savings. As an example, the cans in the kitchen ceiling used to use 65 w or 75 w bulbs - now they are 13's (multiply that times 6 or 8) - and, sounds crazy, but the kitchen is actually brighter with the LED 13's! Then there is the front door. Used to run 40's out there - now it is 2.5's - you read that right 2.5 w. Been wanting to try a 3 way for a couple years now but I guess manufacturers were not ready. Finally June 2015 and done! The bulb is AMAZING - been using it a week now. My 30 - 70 - 100 has been replaced by 5 -9 - 20! The 3 WAY bulb has notches in it - a little different from the rest - not sure if that is a standard - here are a couple pictures of both the typical and the new 3 way. Also have the candelabra base at 3 w vs 40..... money well spent. If I move, the LED's are going with me! I also added a picture with two lamps on. The one on the right is the new LED, the one on the left is a regular incandescent.

Johnson Ranch

Have you visited this community? I did some previewing out there today. Homes by Lennar and Village Builders in a community with some outstanding views. If you are interested in the community call me. We can show you new builder homes and resale homes as they are available. We have a special page for Johnson Ranch

FSBO - or not!

Think selling by owner is easy - and safe? Check this out first.

Client Testimonial

For some reason, clients are hesitant to go on camera - I thank Jan for being brave and agreeing to give it a shot. You can check out some written testimonials here.

On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs

Just posted this on FB - wanted to share and record it here... NO MATTER which side of gun control you are on - If you have not read Lt. Col. Dave Grossman's essay. I encourage you to do so.... If you are an American - this is important. There are many sites featuring this work - I chose this one because they have the author's permission to post and because there has been too much disrespect for law enforcement these days..... do read it If you prefer a quick look at the message - here is a short video.

Interest Rates Affect Home Buying Power

Sorry there are 3 main posts today - I fell behind and the message is too important not to share. This chart shows just how much interest rate movement can affect your lifestyle and the kind of home you can enjoy with a similar mortgage payment. Check it out and call if you want to discuss what it means to you. (and if you are a licensed REALTOR and are working with your client feel free to use this data to help them. It is all about serving our clients!) Visit to browse homes in San Antonio

Buy Now - Don't Miss the Opportunity

Cannot hammer this home enough... it is about investing for your future even if it means tightening the belt now. Check it out.

A Look Back at Interest Rates

Take a look back - interest will likely not remain low forever - don't miss the opportunity. READ MORE