Home Prices Increase

When I saw the picture to the left for some reason it made me think of an old song by The 5th Dimension - Up Up and Away - and now that song is going to be in my head all day after writing and posting this. My apology if it happens to you too - but, it is a great song!

And homes are a great way to invest and enjoy the upward climb. So many more options than putting money in a bank or investing in metals or even the stock market. You cannot live in any of those - right? You can live in a home of your choice and you can paint it, remodel it, decorate it and enjoy it. Your home has endless possibilities. Oh yeah, and as prices climb - so goes the value of your investment.

Looks like investing in a home is working nicely in all price ranges. Check out today's article to see the percentages and how folks are increasing their wealth. Time to buy? Time to move up? Time to downsize, relocate, PCS, and more? Call me - AL.