Selling During The Holidays

7 Reasons to List Your Home During the Holiday Season

Long before I became a real estate professional, I had always heard that holidays were the wrong time to sell your home. WOW! Talk about being misinformed. Exactly the opposite is true. Given that the misconception is so popular, selling during the holidays gives you a competitive advantage. No matter what time of the year - folks need houses. If many people wait until after the holidays to list, then there are fewer homes available - and less competition!

I have also heard the one about not decorating while your home is on the market - keep it all clean and spacious. Wrong again! If you normally decorate for a holiday - go for it. It makes your "house" seem more like a "home". People expect that in my opinion. If you are worried about things being in the way - remember, you control the showings. If the time is not convenient, reschedule for a time that is. If the buyer is truly motivated, they will adjust. If they are in town for only a day or two, it is up to their agent to let your agent know that - so maybe you want to be just a little bit flexible when necessary.

Remember - if you want to sell seize the moment. There is a seller's market right now. Run with it

Home Sales Slowed by Lack of Listings

As we said above, this is a seller's market. There is simply not enough houses available to meet the demand. If you list now, it would be for a good cause!

Worried about finding a new house? My number one recommendation right now is - order a new one. When you are ready, let's talk about the reasons why

Access is Important in Getting Your House SOLD!

I have a great picture of two wrists in handcuffs that I thought about posting here. Maybe another time - but point made. If you are looking to sell, flexibility is key.

Of course there are some inconveniences but that is part of the process (I have personally bought and sold - I get it). The bottom line is the more restrictions on showing times, the longer it takes to sell

Your House Must Be Sold TWICE

You have heard the story about how much you think your house is worth, how much the tax man thinks your house is worth, and how much the buyer thinks your house is worth? And, don't forget the real estate agent who has an opinion too! But, unless the buyer is paying cash for your home, the BANK is likely to have a say in it as well.

Say you list on the high side - after all, prices are going up - right? Then along comes a buyer who is willing to pay what you want for your home. If they have cash, chances are it will be a nice straightforward transaction and everybody goes on with life. If the buyer has 25% or more down, something along those lines could happen too. BUT - when a buyer has less than that as a down payment, the bank is going to take a close look to make sure they are comfortable making a loan which would be secured by the value of the property. if not, then more money down, a lower price negotiation - or no loan.

So, what do we mean about selling your home twice. You need to sell it to a buyer - and then the bank (or mortgage company). Bottom line is let your real estate professional price it right. And, especially in today's market, if it is not selling, consider a price reduction. Remember, it is costing you money every month to stay there