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5 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Professional When Buying or Selling!

There are reasons we see certain specialist – Accountants, Attorneys and Realtors! All are professionals and well trained in their own discipline. The real estate professional must know the current market, know and understand pricing and be a skilled negotiator. There are more essentials but these basics have not changed. Today, regulations and paperwork make the typical real estate transaction complicated. Do you have the necessary skills to go it alone? A misstep anywhere along the way can cost you a lot of money. For more information, have a look at today’s article

The #1 Reason to List Your House, NOW!

Today’s article will expand on that idea, but I am going to suggest the number ONE reason is – to get on with your life! Seriously, whatever YOUR reason for thinking about selling – moving up, downsizing, wanting a new neighborhood, change in family or work status – any of your personal reasons for considering selling is the number ONE reason. Now is good because the market is tipped in favor of the seller. There is a shortage of houses out there and now a shortage of construction workers and materials for new homes since those guys are occupied fixing or replacing homes damaged by one disaster after another. That won’t change any time soon.

You may be thinking about your next home if you do sell. Well, time to get out and look. Maybe, time to build (not all workers and materials are going to damage repair) – this is a wonderful time to build and have a home no one has had before – your home! Ready to list and ready to buy? Call me Al

Why Now Instead of Later?

This is a relatively easy question to answer. Think about the law of supply and demand. When demand exceeds supply prices tend to go up. Buyers are out there shopping. There are just not enough homes to meet the demand. Are you ready to take the leap