Questions To Ask The Neighbors

If you are buying into an existing community, you may want to ask the neighbors a few informal questions. Here are three….

“How would you describe the area and what it is like living here” – opens the door to anything they may want to share without restriction including how long they have lived there, what they like, what they don’t – their version of helpful tips and warnings. Avoid asking about the specific house initially or risk setting the tone of the conversation (they may love the seller – or hate them). After listening, then ask about the house you may buy if they have not already covered it.

“If you could change anything at all about the neighborhood, what would it be?” – allows them to tell you what they perceive as negatives or there may be none.

“What do you look for or hope for from new neighbors moving in to the area” – is an extension of your friendliness and willingness to be a part of the community. It also sets the stage to discover the open arm friendliness of the community toward new neighbors.

Those are just the basics. You may have questions to ask that are important to you. Just opening a conversation helps to get to know your future neighbors – and for them to know you. Great beginnings!