Need An Apartment?

If you are a regular reader, you already know my view on owning vs renting. But, as with almost everything in life, there is sometimes a need for an alternative. A month or so ago I mentioned that right now I am in an apartment in Stone Oak. The house was sold and I had to move - fast! I have been a licensed Realtor for a long time and I help folks buy or sell homes so how hard could it be to lease an apartment? And then BOOM - a bit of an ego bruise but I quickly found that searching for an apartment was not for me. I needed a specialist. My rationale was simple - if I was a Gynecologist and I needed a heart bypass I would not attempt to do it myself. Extreme? Maybe, but it helped heal my ego as I sought out a professional with the right expertise.

That is a true story on how I got here and a way for me to introduce - and recommend - someone to you if you are in need of an apartment. Her services are paid by the apartment folks when she finds you the right place to live and your lease is approved. And right now, when she is paid, you receive a gift card for using her services. Folks - meet Terry Hiller of Top Texas Apartments. When I called Terry it was an emergency - I needed something in two days! She readily helped me. Be a little kinder and let me know how it goes.