26 People Went To Church

And never returned home. Yesterday was a sad day for Texas and a sad day for good people everywhere. Yesterday was an eye opener. We have learned that little towns have bad things happen too. We have learned that small communities are not immune from terror or death. We have learned that life is fragile. We have been reminded never to part from our loved ones unless all anger has been resolved – for they may never return. And the words can never be undone.

But one of the biggest lessons of all, we are reminded that we cannot control the human factor any more than we can control the elements or other forces of nature. People short circuit. Sometimes people do bad things – really bad things. Opportunist will say take their weapons away and that will solve the problem. Of course that is not true. Humans have an indisputable trait called determination. That resolve insures that bad things will still happen when the mind becomes irrational.

We are a free America. We accept that our freedoms brings risks. We have learned from this tragedy that an armed Texan was able to respond quicker than authorities ever could. Lives were saved. We learn to live with this. We go forward with our lives, for what else can we do. Like the folks who live in hurricane prone areas, or those where earthquakes or forest fires are common, or countries where terror and bombing is the norm, we go forward. We do not hide. What else is there to do?

We remember those who died and honor their memory. We grieve with those who lost loved ones yesterday. And we offer our sincerest condolences. We thank those who give of themselves during this dark time.