Housing Bubble? Industry Experts Say NOT SO!

I am not going to offer much on this one. Check out the post and see what the experts have to say. I do not see a bubble coming either. I see equity having returned and pocket areas where prices have climbed rapidly. But, I think those price rises are due to the supply demand aspect of our system. The market is not like it was prior to the crash. In those days one could say the requirement for being approved was simply "breathing" That is no more - thankfully

Home Sales Expected to Increase in 2018

Total agreement here. There is a backlog of sales due to the short inventory supply and there is a lot of rebuilding to do following all the disasters the country has suffered. I am looking to a strong 2018 and beyond. Real estate is back

Low Inventory Causes Home Prices to Grow

So many times we have said this - the low inventory is pushing prices up. If you are looking to sell - now is a great time in a seller's market. If you are looking to buy, I would not stand around waiting for prices to get lower. Prices are likely going higher

If You Are Thinking About Buying Know Your Credit Score

Credit prior to the crash was pretty easy. Things have changed and easy credit simply is not true today. Better standards are in place and there are safeguards to protect everyone. It makes sense to give mortgages to folks who can pay them don't you think? Having said that, mortgages are readily available. The way to begin is to find out if you qualify - and if you don't at the present time, find out what you need to do to fix that. Are you ready

Don't Let Fear Stop You - Apply for a Mortgage

In a way, I hate to use this comparison - but, yeah - it is true. If you want to win the lotto, you must buy a ticket (or have someone give you one). You cannot win without a ticket. And so, if you want a mortgage, you cannot get one without applying and starting the process (again, unless you know someone that will give you one without applying). Nothing to be hesitant about. You simply see a mortgage professional who will guide you along the way. If you do not know a mortgage person, we can help with that. And, NO, they will not being paying us a commission or a referral fee. It does not work like that. So, now - are you ready

Veterans Affairs Loans - Check the Numbers

Just a few words here - rather you look at the chart and the report. Veterans have borrowed almost 200 BILLION in 2017 - so far. You all have earned it. We have a huge veteran population in San Antonio. We would be glad to help you get going on your new home

Multigenerational Households - An Answer to Price Increases?

There are so many possibilities with family - and friends! A multigenerational household is very common around the world. Actually, it can help financially but it can be a lot of fun and an opportunity to learn. Seriously, think about it - for the more senior generation - an opportunity to learn more about what is happening today - you will be immersed! For the youngest of generations, you too have a great opportunity - to learn what life was like and from the experiences of those who have already been there. For that in between generation, who needs an empty nest? Seriously, everyone can share in being a part of the family nucleus in whatever way that unfolds. By the way, I have already done it

Reasons Homeownership Makes ‘Cents’

Cents or sense - in so many ways. Yes, owning a home is an investment (call it a forced saving plan) - and a unique one in that you can LIVE in it. It allows you to pretty much fix your basic cost, live for less than renting and avoid the rent increases of the future. It is pretty much spelled out in today's report, so why not have a look at it. It is worth it