By Appointment Only

Access: A Key Component in Getting Your House SOLD! There are various ways to handle the selling of a home - read more about them in today's article. We like to use a Supra box which gives controlled access to your home. Members of the local real estate board (SABOR) have access codes and are supposed to book an appointment before showing your home. You have the right to set the time, days for showing and even the minimum amount of time prior to actually showing so that you can prepare. You also have the option to decline a particular showing request (say something like a holiday, a party or even someone at home ill). In most cases agents respect that rule and actually do make an appointment. Those that don't sometimes have to deal with more than they bargained for - like security alarms, the police and big dogs! The Supra also is a great security check as we can tell which REALTOR key opened the lock - and when. While no system is perfect, real estate professionals take great care in protecting you and your home. If there are other subjects yo would like me to address - or talk to you one on one about, just let me know