Moving into 'Buy Territory'

US Housing Market Is Moving into 'Buy Territory'! In some locations renting is cheaper than owning (real estate is local) but the swing is toward owning. In our local market - owning is the key. Paying your landlord's mortgage is not the road to wealth. Most of us have heard the term "building a nest egg" and certainly investing in the roof over your head is a great way to do that. You have to live someplace and tha place is best - for many reasons - when it is your own! Five years from now you may ask yourself the "why" question. "Why didn't I buy then because now rents are higher and it is five years later" or "why didn't I buy when I was five years younger"? Instead, why not look back five years from now and say "I am really glad I did that". Try it. Call me or your favorite REALTOR. In the meantime, checkout today's article