How Important is Education

The Impact of Homeownership on Educational Achievement. In today's article you will find reference to the "National Association of Realtors recently released a study titled 'Social Benefits of Homeownership and Stable Housing.’" and the building of wealth and social status. Well, I can relate to NOT growing up in a family owned home. We were renters. Even as a kid I knew there was a difference - and I wanted something more. A year after striking out on my own, I bought my first home. It was THE handyman fixer-upper of all time. My father thought for sure I had gone over the edge - but you know what? About 13 years later it sold for 2 1/2 times what I paid for it. Ahhh - memories. This has been on our real estate site for some time and I have shared it here before - but for those who have not seen it... "We truly believe in the American vision - owning a home is a measure of success and a fundamental strategy to increase personal wealth. Buying or selling a home should be a pleasurable experience and our goal is to do our very best to make that happen." Let us help you make a dream into a reality