9 is the new 6

So what does 9 is the new 6 mean? It is the answer to "How Long Do Most Families Stay in Their Home?". How long have you been in your home or living where you live now? There was a time when the "family home" housed generations and transferred from parents to children or perhaps from grandparents to children. One side of my family still has a home that has been in the family for over 250 years. It would be nice if we built them to last that long too. That is in Europe so lets get back to the USA and 2017. Housing has been through rough times recently and for many reasons folks have been staying where they are longer than in the most recent past. Perhaps the pent up demand will start a flow and that number will drop back down toward 6 years. We certainly have a population of age groups that can make that happen. Have a look at today's article for an expanded look at the stats. If you are ready for your move, I am available