I Had To Tell My Son

The following is a guest post - and our first opening this blog to touching and inspiring stories. If you have one to share, we would love to hear from you. I am not moving the blog away from real estate – I am opening it up to an ethical life stance that we, as humans, are more encompassing than simply a narrow focus on our own abode. Humans are about altruism, generosity, benevolence, humanitarianism, and so much more.

Our Guest Poster:

My name is Al Manges. I would like to share my story with everyone.  I am a truck driver and I am away from my family for weeks at a time.  I am lucky to work for a company, Schneider National, that values family. With approval, I am allowed to have passengers when I drive. 

Every two weeks I trade off passengers.  I take my son AJ and daughter Sabrina with me.  They really enjoy coming out on the road.  We get to see many different parts of the country that most people do not. 

On one of my bi-weekly trips that starts in Indiana and goes down to Texas then on to California.  I had my son AJ on this trip out to California.  After I delivered to all of my customers we started our trip back.  We picked up our new load and headed out.  Part of the way home we stopped at a Walmart in Nevada.  By the way it is not easy to park at a Walmart in a semi-truck.  I have to make sure they allow trucks to park there and have space to park. 

I made a list of groceries we needed and headed in.  I knew exactly how much money I had in my bank account so I was careful picking out my items so I didn't go over my limit.  AJ and I gathered all of our groceries and headed to check out. 

This is where it gets interesting.  I generally use the self-checkout with the conveyor.  We loaded our items on the belt and began scanning our groceries.  When we finished and went to pay I looked at the total and knew I had enough money to buy everything.  I inserted my debit card in the card reader, put in my pin the computer said card declined.  I did not understand why the transaction was declined.  I logged in to my bank account and saw that my balance had changed since I entered the store. 

I then had to tell my son that we would have to put some of our items back.  It was frustrating to say the least.  As I contemplated what to put back a customer at the checkout across from us overheard my son and I talking.  She then asked me how much we were short.  She then gave me twenty dollars to cover the rest of the difference I could not pay for. 

I was very touched by the generosity of a complete stranger.  I thanked her as my eyes welled up with tears of happiness.  We were able to purchase all of our groceries thanks to the kindness of a kind woman. 

I would like to thank Debbie that was at the Walmart in Fernley, Nevada.  I have always tried to help others in need.  It was refreshing to have it happen to me.  I didn't realize until that day that paying it forward really meant something bigger to me.  Thank you again Debbie.


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