200 Recipes Books 1 and 2

My occasional reminder that these are available to you. Actually, they are always available using the links in the rightmost column in this blog. 

Free Recipes From Family and Friends. No commercial today - no requiring you to sign up or give up anything - and safely hosted at ISSUU 

When mom passed, a close friend help me get the old family recipes into an online booklet form. There are recipes from the Italian side and the German side - and a mix of others from friends.

Sadly, the friend who helped prepare the recipe book for publication passed away about 2 years later. A group of us got together and created the second of two books. She was a military wife and her recipes are from friends around the world.

You are free to use the recipes and share. The only thing we ask, is never make it monetary - they are always FREE. Who knows, maybe you will find something you have been looking for - or something new. On the first book, since the recipes are mostly family going back to great grandmother - I am privileged to say I think ALL of them are good!

BOOK 1 -   https://issuu.com/cannistra/docs/200_recipes 

BOOK 2 -   https://issuu.com/cannistra/docs/the_book_of_joy