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Would you like one of your articles to published here? Help your business and your website ranking.

  1. subscribe to our RSS or sign up for email
  2. contact me with your article idea - should be relevant to homes or real estate related. See rule number 11 below.
  3. articles should be at least 500 words in length and not self-serving advertisement for a product or service - of course this is an opportunity to promote your business and you get to embed links, but the article should focus on the need of the consumer and how whatever you sell or do will make their life better - call and ask me if this is not clear. New home builders can feature photos of their homes and interiors.
  4. once approved, submit article within 30 days
  5. you may embed a link back to your site - up to 2 links is OK - suggestions for key words are welcome - a photo of the author is encouraged and will be published with the article
  6. by submitting an article for publication, you guarantee that it is ORIGINAL work - nothing can be plagiarized - if photos are included, you guaranty that you are the owner or have copyright approval to publish and share or that the photos are in the public domain - we assume no legal liability for copyright infringement and will simply remove offending articles and or photos
  7. by article submission - and any included photos, you are granting us full non-exclusive license, perpetual, royalty-free, and worldwide, to publish and republish in any written or electronic format without limitation
  8. we reserve the right to accept, reject or remove any articles without explanation
  9. you agree to indemnify us in full and permanently against any claims, loss or damages resulting from the material that you submit
  10. we don't have a rule #10 right now - we'll figure it out later
  11. rule list amended 9-11-2020 modifies rule #2 above - stories we will consider for publication can be human stories - something inspiring and touching the heart of humanity. Talk to me about it.

Be a Guest Poster - Why would I do that?

Be a Guest Poster - I do not know how!

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