Beware The Movers

Going to share a personal experience with you – this happened to me on my last move.

I hired professionals – the company shall remain nameless as I am not looking to engage their lawyers. And, in truth – this can happen with any moving company. It simply depends upon the integrity of their employees.

The movers placed and connected the washer and dryer. Apparently, “connecting them” is a service not provided by the moving company, but the guys offered - if I would just make their total tip generous. I kept my end of the commitment – each got a nice bonus and I thought everything was fine.

My new place was brand new – no one lived here before – everything was bright and shiny. So a couple months later when I started noticing “a heavy dust” in the laundry room I started examining the ceiling, the water tank, the shelving – and found nothing. It went on and got worse. All that was left to do was check the washer and dryer – and yes common sense says I probably should have done that sooner.

When I pulled the dryer forward, I was shocked that the exhaust vent and hose had separated. The hose also separated from the dryer itself so the dryer was venting into the laundry room and spewing dust that would normally have vented. On examination - the reason for that – NO CLAMPS. Not disconnected, fallen clamps – but NO CLAMPS. I know that there were clamps from the previous installation and I know the clamps were not left behind because we cleaned up there right after the move. The clamps are not worth more than a couple bucks – so who knows what or why.

Obviously not complaining in sharing this post. Instead, giving y’all a heads up. Double check what movers do. Most movers are hardworking guys and take pride in their work. But take nothing for granted. What happened here could have caused a fire. Luckily it just made a mess and I learned a lesson. And life goes forward.