Attack By Robocaller

This happened the beginning of September - just have not had the time to share it with you until now.

The calls started in the afternoon and I let them go into voicemail. I listened to a few of the messages and the caller represented themselves as Apple and stated something was wrong with my iCloud account.

The calls kept coming over and over and I finally caved and made a HUGE mistake - I answered. All I said was "who are you" and the guy hung up on me.

Then the calls kept coming every 5 to 12 minutes or so - for over 5 HOURS.

They were calling, leaving messages and texting. This was SO bad I called T-Mobile and alerted then to what was happening. I did not want to shut off my phone - but it was tempting. TMO has a higher level robo blocker software that they enabled and in a very short time the calls stopped. 

So, why am I sharing - this can happen to anyone. These callers are bad news. About a week after this happened, a friend's senior mom was called by "Social Security" - they asked for her social security number. And, she gave it to them. So, y'all be careful.

OK - smile....  it is only 3 months until Christmas!