One Really Big Move - 1700 to 1800

Looking at 1700 to 1750

There is no United States yet! Coming soon!

I did one of those DNA test and have decided to share it with you over the next few days. This is the first look at my ancestors moving from Europe and finding their new homes and spreading their roots.

Note the image indicates there is a mix of cultures and ethnicities coming from the European side - not pure German or German tribes. And, it looks like most settlers of the time made homes in what was to become the North East - Atlantic part of the United States.

1750 to 1775

Still no United States yet - but by now folks must have been talking about it. Looks like the number of immigrants has increased.

1775 to 1800

By this time, the United States of America has been formed and the adventure that was forever to change the world began. Looks like the family ancestors were not traveling over here much during that time.

More to share in the next post.